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Criminal Minds - What Doesn’t Kill Us - Review

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Is Sicarius starting to lose it now the team has found a few of his storage containers, and therefore more and more evidence on the case? Even though Sicarius might be starting to feel the heat of the FBI closing in on them, the team at the bureau is tasked with an other case that slipped through the cracks when they were chasing Sicarius in Georgia.

The opening scene felt completely different from what we have seen before. Right from the start you could feel that this case was not Sicarius related. Maybe it was the announcement of the location ‘Somewhere in West Virginia’ or the fact that it started with a living victim instead of an already dead one. Since we have been focussing on cases related to Sicarius and his apprentices it was a change of perspective to have another unsub in the mix this episode.

Garcia trying to discuss the ‘Tyler situation’ with Emily is the comedic relief this episode needed, between the case with the new unsub and the Sicarius case. First time trying to tel her they get interrupted, but when they run into each other again she doesn’t get a free pass and needs to tell Emily she kissed Tyler Green. Emily tells her she needs to end things with him. When Tyler drops by Garcia to give her her keys back, they share a heart to heart. What happens after makes it seem like they are not going to end what is happening between them anytime soon.

“After being assaulted, drugged and killed in the line of duty, what is the worst that could happen.” Is Emily’s response to Baileys question, when he asks her if she is nervous. Emily and Bailey need to convince the Attorney General of the United States that Sicarius in fact hasn’t been caught yet. The Attorney General fiends the evidence they have very thin, and while Emily is ready to give up her job for it, they need to prove to the Attorney General that they still can do their job and didn’t get lost in tunnel vision.

Tara is distracted because of her break up with Rebecca, so Rossi sends her on a 3 day assignment to do a 5 minute job. She needs to find out more about a tracking device they found in one of the shipping containers. Turns out it belonged to a dog called Moose. Strangely Sicarius only took the dog and left the owner alive. Now Tara has to tell the owner of the dog that her dog has been found dead. This results in giving Tara some insights into her own struggles caused by the break-up, but also some more possible information on Sicarius since the owner of Moose can provide her with footage from the security camera’s from her work the day Moose was abducted. With Rossi later going through the footage we get the suggestion that he might have found Sicarius on the footage.

Meanwhile Sicarius is back home with his family, we see him struggling with his conscience after killing his uncle earlier. Also we get to see snippets into his thoughts of feeling the urge to kill his wife and children. Meanwhile Sicarius is checking the news to see if there is any information coming out on any of his recent killings. How long is it going to take before he loses control? Will he become even more dangerous or get caught before that?

Most of all I am curious to see how they will continue to investigate the Sicarius case since the Attorney General denied the request to keep the case open. Which means the case is officially closed.

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