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Manifest - Ghost Plane - Review

The last episode ended with Cal finding a mystery woman in the barn at the apple farm. It turned out to be Fiona Clarke, who had disappeared again with Captain Dailey. She is unresponsive it even looks like she is in a never-ending calling. When Cal and Olive are out of ideas to help her Olive decides it is time to visit Ben at the detention center.

The insects that looked like grasshoppers that flew from Dailey's mouth invested the whole centre. When he shows one to Olive, she tells him it reminds her of something her grandmother used to say. "May a plague of locust fall upon you" Their conversation is interrupted when Ben gets a calling and is taken by the guards.

As we know, Ben is perfectly capable of solving his callings, but here in the detention centre, he is not allowed to do so. He needs to let Michaela and Jared follow up on it, for which he at least is glad it is them. The calling leads Jared and Michaela to the Marina, where they run into Eagan's father, who owns a boat there.

Daley is sedated again, this time with a mask covering his mouth, avoiding more Locust from coming out. While guards check on him, they discover he is covered in blisters, which happened to be extremely contagious and deadly, since the guard that touched him is coved in them shortly after and died before he reached the medical facilities.

While Michaela and Jared try to solve Ben's calling from outside the facility, Vance and Ben work on it from the inside, trying to get information from Eagan. But since his parents have cut all ties with him he is not willing to cooperate. Because in his words, they don't care, so why should he? When they realise Eagans mother might be the one in danger, Michaela and Jared get informed by Vance and with the help of Eagans dad, they try to reach her.

Cal tries to get into Fiona's calling to help her solve it and get her out of her trance. He tries to do it through the plane, but when he gets there he sees two olive trees, one growing from Fiona's seat and the other from the cockpit. When he picks two of the olives he gets pulled from the calling. When he has the olives still in his hand back in the kitchen and Olive can see them too, they realise this is something new.

While it first looks like a robbery at Eagan's parents' place, when Eagan's mom shows up later and her story doesn't add up, there seems to be more at play.

Meanwhile, Angelina feels abandoned by the little girl she bonded with at the homeless camp place. That gives her the idea to connect with Eden, whom she still sees as her daughter. This she does through the powers she gained through her scars, which are similar to Cal's. By impersonating Olive and connecting with divine consciousness she can talk to Eden and even play games with her.

When Fiona starts to have trouble breathing, Cal and Olive start to freak out and wonder if they need to call 911. But they also know that if they do so, she will end up at the detention centre. This gives Olive the idea, that Cal should too try and connect with the divine consciousness to connect with Saanvi for help. Cal is hesitant about it because he doesn't want to be like Angelina, but Olive convinces him that he is not like her and by doing it helps people. Fiona has a collapsed lung, Saanvi talks them through the procedure to relieve the air from that lung Fiona ends up waking up in the end.

Ben is still working on the inside, trying to convince Eagan to help them solve the calling. Eagan eventually realises that Cheryl, his protogè, is double-crossing him and conning people into believing she knows someone to connect with people in the detention centre.

While Saanvi is working on finding the source of the boils on the guard's body another is rushed in, dead and covered in the same boils. She confronts Director Zimmer with data that both victims have Daley's DNA in their bloodstream. She adds that she knows that Daley is in the detention centre. So she demands to run tests on Daley as he seems patient 0. But Zimmer turns her down. Later we see Saanvi sneak into Daley's room and sample blood from him to continue her research.

By now, Jared and Michaela have figured out who Cheryl's next victim is and convinced her to let Jared go with her as her husband to catch her in the act. When Cheryl notices the woman is nervous, she makes a run for it but hadn't encountered Michaela watching from a distance ready to arrest her.

Angelina keeps finding moments to interact with Eden. After they have finished playing games, she tells Eden to move pictures from Olive's board and scan through the bible. In this form Angelina cannot touch or move anything herself, she needs Eden to do it for her. While reading the piece from the bible, Angelina is convinced that she must kill the two witnesses chosen by god to carry out until the end of time.

On their way back to the detention centre, Jared pulls over and tells Michaela he thinks they have a flat tire before stabbing it with his pocket knife. Michaela is now worried if she will be back in time, but Jared reminds her of something she said earlier, she missed running. So they do and run back to the detention centre, flirting along the way. When they are almost there, Jared tries to kiss her, but she is not ready because she is still in love with someone who cannot love her back.

When Olive sees the moved pictures on the board, she first thinks it was Cal, but he says it wasn't him. Then she spots the open bible as well, and they learn about the witnesses as well. They both have been brought back with plagues, as we have seen with the locust and the boils. While Angelina has decided to kill them both, Olive and Cal will try their best to keep them safe.

Not before Angelina makes another visit to Eden. She shows Fiona the straw in her chest, asking the girl what that is. It is a splinter Eden tells her, and those hurt. So Angelina tells her to remove it so Fiona will feel better. When Eden does, Fiona wakes up and is unable to breathe again. Will she survive this?


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