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This page will try to help you if you're having problems using parts of the site.

1) Can't see some content/tables/charts/images

A lot of our tables/charts, such as ratings tables, cancellations tables use embedded spreadsheet. If you can't see the table the 2 most common causes are either a corrupt cookie or an extension/addon installed in your browser.

It's likely that an extension installed in your browser is blocking the content from displaying. Things such as Ghost/Adblock/AVAST/AdMuncher/Flash Control etc are typical causes. You should try to temporarily disable all your extensions and then try loading the page again. If you can now see the content, then you can try adding your extensions back one by one, each time testing the page to see which extension is blocking the content.

Note: If you are using something like Adblock then you can try to whitelist both and to your whitelist sites. That way you can continue to use Adblock on other sites, but whitelist for SpoilerTV.

Here is how to whitelist on the main Adblockers. Load up Spoilertv in your browser, then click on your Extension Icon, and then do one of the following depending on what adblocker you have.


Adblock Plus

Adblock Lite



If you are not using an blocker then it might be you have a corrupt cookie.

You should first try clearing your cookies, then restart your browser and try accessing the page again. Hopefully the missing content will now be displayed.

You can read about how to clear cookies here.

2) Comments won't load

The comments system that we use at SpoilerTV is called Disqus. If you can't see the comments then try following the same steps as point 1) above about missing content.

If you still can't see the comments, check the Disqus Status page here, to see if there are any known issues.

If there are no issues display, please feel free to use the Feedback link in the Help menu or in the Footer.

3) Still Having Trouble?

If you are still having trouble with any of the above or anything else relating to the site, please use the Feedback link in the Help menu or in the Footer.

Please ensure you give us as much information as possible about the issue, such as what browser you are using, what extensions you have installed, and any screenshots where applicable.

We will then get back to you soon as possible and try to help you.

SpoilerTV Available Ad-Free!

Support SpoilerTV is now available ad-free to for all subscribers. Thank you for considering becoming a SpoilerTV premmium member!
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