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Upcoming Shows Development Spreadsheet *Updated 27th March 2024*

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Update: 10th February 2021 We've improved the table so that it works better on mobile and has pagination that you can change to suit your screen size etc.

Update: 9th July 2020 We've updated our Development Watch Table with a new Interactive Version. The new table below allows the following functionality.

1) Clicking on the Column Headers will sort by that column
2) Entering text into Search box will filter rows that match your text. eg typing ABC will show only ABC shows or descriptions with ABC. Typing Mystery will find all shows that have the word Mystery in their description etc
3) Shows that have been entered/updated in the last 90 days are highlighted in green and marked as recent, shows over 365 day without an update are greyed out.

If you find any errors/omissions, or have any questions please let us know in the comments below.

Hey All,

Just wanted to alert you to this new feature here at SpoilerTV. We're going to try tracking all the potential upcoming shows/scripts that are currently being developed by the major networks. A lot of these shows never see the light of day, however a number of them get taken to pilot and then if the pilot goes well get taken to series. (Once a show gets ordered to series it gets added to the main SpoilerTV site)

A big thanks to The Futon Critic for supplying the bulk of the initial data back in 2012.

We hope to keep this table updated regularly and if you have any comments/suggestions please let us know in the comments.

So take a look through this large list and let us know if you spot any hidden gems that sound interesting or if you find any shows that sound like real stinkers.

You can view a full screen version here

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