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Manifest - Formation & Final Boarding - Review

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Starting with flashbacks from Michaela and Ben when they were young, catching firewood. Showing that they have been co-captains since they were just little kids. Meanwhile, the passengers are getting antsy now that the callings are gone. And all the catatonic passengers are awake now, not remembering anything from the past 5,5 years.

Cal is still trying to figure out what the dragon means. Olive reminds Cal that they were the original Gemini twins. They were together in the beginning and will be together in the end. Cal wished he could have grown up with her. Olive tells him that she has always felt that he was still alive. They might have lost time but never lost each other.

Adrian wants to talk with Angelina. He is trying to make amends, trying to redeem himself. Angelina doesn’t need his apology because she is an arc angel sent by god. Adrian laughs at it, asking her if she is serious. He asks her to prove her powers to him. Then Angelina gets called away by Cal. Who according to Ben is the only one strong enough to convince Angelina to do something right.

Cal starts by telling her she was right, they need to work together. Also telling her she has potential for good and kindness. She seems to believe him, their sapphires start to glow, and then he asks her to join them so she can make up for all the bad things she has done. This triggers her to pull back because, in Angelina's eyes, she has done nothing wrong. While Cal tells her this is her chance to redeem herself, she still sees herself as the redeemer. The connection between the two of them is lost and Cal is struggling harder to convince Angelina who doesn't want to work with him anymore and leaves.

Cal thinks Michaela hates him because Zeke died to save him. She tells him she doesn’t. She misses Zeke deeply but understands his choice. She tells him he needs to let go of his guilt and make Zeke's sacrifice mean something. Because Zeke believed in him, so does Michaela, but that only means something if he believes in himself too.

Olive interrupts them by wanting to tell something about the wooden dragon and then spots Zekes drawing Michaela pulled out from her pocket to show Cal. Connecting the three original symbols, the peacock, Gemini and the dragon. The symbols that connected the death date. They might hold the answers to stopping it.

While Michaela, Cal and Olive have found new hope with the symbols, Saanvi seems to have lost all after finding out about Marco’s drawing of the coffin, after Ben let him draw the word he kept repeating since he woke up.

Angelina is still debating who can come with her and survive the death date. People are pleading why they are the best choice. Adrian calls it bullshit. She tells him she is chosen by god-like Noah, but Adrian reminds her he had an arch, and she doesn’t. But she believes god will show her where to find one.

Ben walks Marco to their common area. He sees the board with all their information and points out a picture and repeats the same word, meaning the translation doesn’t only mean coffin but also arch. Like Noah’s arc. Saanvi just started talking about Strom King Mountain based on the type of dragon. Followed by telling everyone she threw a piece of Noah's arc into the fissure at the base of storm king mountain. The calling tells them they need two pieces of sapphire to fulfil the calling, but it didn’t specify which ones, so the driftwood could work too. So they are going on a treasure hunt to find the driftwood.

The fissure is the same shape as Cal’s scar. They all start digging but don’t get through. Cal tells them to stop because it is not time yet. They need to wait, and he will know when it is time. So they will set up camp and wait.

Eagan knows where the arc is. He overheard Saanvi talking to Olive when she induced a calling on him. Eagan doesn’t want to tell Angelina about it so he has decided to leave Angelina and go with Adrian. Angelina is pissed. But the others are relieved because now there are only eight passengers left.

Ben and Michaela are challenging each other to who can find the most firewood. They run into the tree Michaela carved their initials in when they were kids when their mom wanted them to be co-captains. Reminding them they need to lead together.

While everyone sits around the campfire, Olive urges everyone to talk about what they would do on Monday, the day after the death date. The conversation shifts to Drea having a baby, and it makes Michaela slightly uncomfortable.

Later at night, Ben while Ben is keeping the fire lit Saanvi joins him so they can talk about what happened between them. They are both still hung up on their exes, Ben on Grace and Saanvi on Alex. But they do love each other a lot.

The group is also wondering why they were the chosen ones, and what will happen if they survive the death date, will they still be hated? And what did those 5,5 years mean? Michaela thinks the callings gave them a chance to choose good. And the bottom line according to Ben is that they all have to do their part. The mood changes, and it gets heavier as everyone is saying their goodbyes to each other, they have no idea what is going to happen on the death date.

Michaela tells Jared that she took the later flight to stall because she knew that he proposed. After all, he wanted to help her with the Evie drama. She also tells him that they don’t know what tomorrow brings, but they both envision different futures for themselves. She doesn’t want him to compromise his happiness. She believes everything he needs is one tent over, with Drea. But he doesn’t want to go anywhere without her. She tells him she saw how they looked at each other at the campfire, and that if he is being honest with himself, his heart wants and needs to be with her too. She tells him to go live the life he deserves and needs, with Drea and his family.

When Cal’s scar begins to glow, he tries to hide it. After everyone has gone to sleep Cal goes back to the fissure and his scar starts glowing again, and so does the sapphire in the driftwood too. Cal knows he needs to go. Ben won’t let him go, he will not lose him again. Cal tells him goodbye and that he needs to do this. Then he walks away and lets the sapphire in his arm connect with the sapphire in the driftwood. A bright blue light emerges and Cal disappears in it.

Meanwhile, when Angelina is praying to know what to do next, she sees the blue as do all the other passengers who are woken up by it.

Final Boarding

It is the following morning, the blue light in the sky is gone, but the fissure is still glowing. The passengers at the campsite wake up with heartache, Olive tells Ben she can still feel Cal, just like she could when the plane disappeared. It is not over, there are still rumbles.

When Eden runs into the woods, followed by Olive and TJ they stumble upon an engraving of the wold card with the volcano and lava. The inscription is ruined by graffiti, Olive reminds them about what Ben told them the day before, that they have been there as kids and that their mom took a bunch of pictures here. Within the archives might be a photo of the engraving without graffiti. Only one problem, Angelina is squatting at their house. Olive decides she is going there and Jared is going with her to make sure she is safe. Olive wants to take Eden with her who wants to stay with her dad, but Michaela convinces him to let her go with Olive, Because what is about to happen is not pretty.

When Jared and Drea clear the house, they realise everyone is gone. Jared doesn't let her go up the stairs, so Drea sits down on the couch and starts watching the news, which is covering the Volcano eruption in New York.

Angelina and her flock are driving towards the place the blue light originated from. They are being followed by Eagan and Adrian who, at a rest stop, sabotage the car to slow down Angelina.

Back at the campsite, the group is greeted by Henry and Amuta, but not only them. All the passengers are arriving. When Eagan and Adrian show up, Ben and Michaela wonder if they can expect Angelina, but they inform them that they have bought them some time. All the passengers are reconnecting with each other, waiting for something to happen, a sign. Bethany has been tracking the manifest, and everyone is here, except Angelina and her seven people.

They round everyone up, and Ben speaks to everyone about their journey. He doesn’t know what is about to happen but that Cal's sacrifice had to be worth something. Before he can continue, the ground starts shaking, the fissure opens back up, the volcano erupts and from it, the aeroplane arises. It is coming back to take the passengers. The plane is their version of the scales. They need to get on the plane. When Michaela tells them to at first they are sceptical. But after TJ checks it out people slowly start to get on the plane and find their seats.

At the house they are still looking through the photos, they are mostly organised by birds. When they find one labelled silver drake Olive thinks that might be it and there is a photo with the inscription. It states ‘Forgiveness lightens the heart’ There are some letters as well, which Olive thinks refer to Alzuras journal. Meanwhile, Drea starts having contractions.

When Angelina and her flock arrive at the site one of them fires a shot. She wants everyone off the plane. By then all the other passengers are on the plane except Ben, Michaela, Saanvi and TJ who were helping the passengers to get on when Angelina orders her flock to go on as well. Her sapphire is not working anymore, so she takes Paul's gun after Michaela convinced him to get on board. Angelina takes a shot and hits Saanvi in the arm, but she and Paul still manage to get on the plane. Angelina has fallen back and hit her head because of the impact of taking the shot.

Olive goes to page 50 of the journal and sees the picture of her and her dad from when he saved her from the fire. Connecting it with forgiveness Olive realises it wasn't about her and her dad, but Ben needs to forgive Angelina. She is trying to reach Ben to tell him but is not able to reach him. So she is praying she can do that.

Ben and Angelina are the only two not on the aeroplane yet, Ben is struggling. He has picked up the gun and is holding Angelina at gunpoint. Angelina is still delusional, and Ben is still angry. He tells her it is not the power but how you use it. Angelina tells him that she never intended to kill Grace and she still regrets it. Then there is an explosion and it is time to go. While Angelina tells him to leave her, he picks her up and carries her onto the plane.

All the passengers are on the plane, Michaela takes place in the cockpit as Amuta’s co-pilot. He needs to get it in the air. When Michaela asks where the runway is, one appears. All the passengers have taken their seats and are buckled in. Amuta and Michaela pull the plane into the air.

When Ben checks on Saanvi he sees the volcano outside her window. She tells him there is no way of checking for this type of volcano. Realising it is the end of the world. Before they can think more about it, passengers are starting to struggle with breathing. They are experiencing what the others experienced that morning. The oxygen masks are not releasing. Passengers start to burn and implode, turning into a pile of ashes. It was their judgement. When Polly asks if it is going to happen to all of them, Saanvi tells her no, only to people who deserve it. Still, people are imploding at a faster rate. Causing panic among the passengers. Autumn calls out Angelina and gets pissed before she implodes too.

When Adrian starts to burn, Eagan asks for his redemption and offers himself up instead. Saanvi is burning too, she tells Ben she is ready, but he is not ready to lose her. Eagan burns, but he heals too. Because Adrian reminds him that offering to die for someone else is not selfish, but selfless. Saanvi too heals when she forgives herself, she and Ben are relieved.

Back on Earth, they keep having earthquakes. Eden is scared. So Olive tucks her into bed and holds her close for comfort. Jared is about to help Drea get their baby born.

Angelina too burns to implode, but she comes back as a smoke cloud, a dark angel. Michaela and Ben try to protect the passengers and angrily tell the dark angel about the struggles since being back, but trying so hard to be good people and the good they have all done. Slowly they try to get all the passengers behind them to scare the dark angel away.

Suddenly everything is silent, the volcanic activity is gone. They think they have done it. They have saved the world. Amuta is calling Michaela back into the cockpit. They are seeing the glow, last time it chased them now they are chasing it. Amuta believes in Michaela so he copies her suggestion. Once in the glow, the plane isn’t moving anymore. Everyone is confused. The plane door pops open by itself.

Michaela asks what they need to do, but Ben says he thinks she knows. They all exit the plane into the glow. And by doing so they are walking back in time. In 2013, where Grace and their mom are both waiting for them to get off the plane. Even Cal is back, he brings Saanvi her laptop. She remembers him. But he doesn’t.

They landed exactly when they were supposed to land. The passengers are wondering what happened and if they were gone. But there were some signs that they left. All the passengers are reunited with their families. Not all the passengers survived. Eleven passengers went missing from flight 828, the eleven that imploded. When the NYPD arrives, Jared runs into Drea. And Vance comes in as well.

Michaela needs to break up with Jared for a second time. Because she believes Jared is going to find Drea. All the passengers remember what happened, and have taken the lessons they have learned.

Michaela suddenly realises something Zeke told her, that he was at the airport working the night she was supposed to land. So she runs out and is trying to find him. She is flirting with him, giving them a second chance.

The passengers got a second chance at life, to be with the ones they love. Ben gets to be with Grace again and he believes Eden will come along again someday. He also knows that Saanvi, who is back with Alex will Cure Cal and so more passengers are reunited with the ones they lost over the past 5,5 years. Now they get to life their life with a lot of lessons learned.

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