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Manifest - Throttle - Review

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With the river outside the detention centre blood red and the media attention that has come with it, the situation inside the detention centre has not gotten any better either. The passengers at the safe house are getting antsy and want to move to a safer place, while Ben fears for their safety now Angelina is at the detention centre.

Steven brings Michaela a visit. He looks worn and tells her that he has been struggling with working again, but due to the recent developments regarding the blood red river, the company he works for is closed until further notice. Just after he gives Michaela a note for TJ through a crack in the wall Steven collapses. While Steven is being attended to by the guards Michaela is taken away back to her bunk. She feels hopeless about the entire situation, she cannot do anything from the inside, and nobody is giving her any information about Steven's condition. Ben tells her to use the calling she had moments before he came in, to get out and do what she needs to do.

Angelina is locked up in solitary. Director Zimmer made her a deal she needs to get the missing passengers checked into the detention centre in exchange for her to get out. Director Zimmer wants her to do what Ben warned her about what she could be doing, Ben wants to use the antidote Saanvi used on herself to stop the callings on Angelina.

The first missing passenger to turn up at the detention centre is co-captain Amuta, he came to see Captain Daly, who had told him to go to the detention centre. Since Daly has been dead, Ben quickly realises that Angelina was behind it and that director Zimmer might have put her up to this. A side effect of Angelina's projection is the little earthquakes felt at the detention centre.

Jared informs Director Zimmer that another passenger had a calling, and she is not too happy about it. Firstly, because of the situation outside the detention centre, and secondly, because it was Michaela who had one which seems convenient after what happened with her dad. Eventually, she agrees to let Jared and Michaela solve the calling, but she cannot afford any mistakes on their part.

Upon their arrival at their location, Jared believed Michaela's calling has led them. He wonders if she is faking it because she tells him to wait, which is something she never does. When Drea turns up with a bottle of alcohol, she thinks there is something to celebrate. Michaela has something else in mind. She wants Jared to take out her tracker. When he backs out, Drea steps up and takes it out for her after which she drives around with it for a couple of hours.

Eagan catches sight of the note Steven brought for TJ. Eagan hopes it will help him find Angelina. To his surprise, TJ will go with him in search of her at the detention centre. They also enlist the janitor's help to open doors in the facility.

Ben has convinced Director Zimmer to let him talk to the press. She is not sure why he wants to do it now, but she is okay with it as long as the media backs off from the detention centre. Ben has a hidden agenda here, he asked Amuta for the code word and tries to warn the missing passengers through his speech to get out of the safe house. What seems peaceful in the beginning escalates when someone throws a stone at Ben, hitting him in the head.

Without her tracker, Michaela can move more freely and go to places she otherwise couldn't. They visit her father at the hospital where they learn he had a massive stroke that impacted his speech. Steven will need intensive therapy and full-time care, which will cost a lot of time and money. While Jared offers to take care of it and starts discussing care facilities with her. She doesn't want to hear any of it and wants to take care of Steven.

Director Zimmer gets enough information from Angelina to track down the location of the safe house, but upon arrival, it is vacated. Zimmer is pissed and blames Angelina for it. Angelina tells her she kept her part of the deal and threatens Zimmer, that she can also start working against her. As a countermeasure, Zimmer straps Angelina down and brings her to the medical facilities. She orders Saanvi to extract the Omega Sapphire from Angelina's hand. Still hesitant Saanvi starts by making an echo of Angelina's hand after which the Sapphire dissolves into Angelina's bloodstream and they are unable to extract it unless they kill her.

With Steven in the back of the car, Jared and Michaela are still debating where to go next. When Michaela gets another calling, recognises the stream near Tarik’s house. Michaela wants to go there and take care of her father. She doesn’t want Jared to give his life up for her, but he keeps insisting, it might be their chance to be together. He tells her he doesn’t want to be without her again. When Drea shows back up, she quickly realises Michaela is not going back. She wishes them luck and drops the bottle of liquor with the tracker in the back of a pick-up truck.

Ben is still at the medical facilities when Angelina is brought in. While he hides behind the curtain until everyone has left and Saanvi is alone with Angelina he comes out and takes out the antidote to use on Angelina. Saanvi tries to stop him but Ben goes for it. After Angelina is injected with it they are surprised with another earthquake caused by Angelina's screams, causing lots of damage at the detention centre but also knocking all the passengers out. When they wake up, all the passengers have strange burns on their forearms.

As Eagan wakes up, he steals the janitor's keycard and goes to Angelina. When he realises he cannot steal the Sapphire back from her, he takes her with and the two of them escape from the detention centre. Fleeing towards the new safe house.

After testing her DNA, Saanvi realises the callings are gone. Angelina screamed the callings out of the passengers. Ben doesn't believe it at first, but after it sinks in he realises he just sunk the lifeboat.

Later at the lab, TJ shows Olive's note to Saanvi and Ben. He tells them that if Olive is right, nobody is okay. The world card shows a red river. The tested water from the river showed Pessyonella, red algae. although it has spread too fast for natural conditions, unless a volcano erupted under New York, which means the world is ending. Before they can discuss it any further, Saanvi is being transferred by Director Zimmer.

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