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Manifest - Furball - Review

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Ben blames himself for taking the callings away from all the passengers, but are they gone? Olive is about to find out what happened to Steven when isolation protocols are activated at the detention centre. And Angelina and Eagan are trying to be accepted.

After spending the night elsewhere for their safety, Cal, Olive, and Eden came home to their house being trashed. Wondering where Steven is. They haven't heard about his condition yet. Olive decides she needs to visit Ben for information. Eden wants to come with.

Angelina did not get the welcome she hoped for among the other passengers. They want her and Eagan to leave the new safe house at sunset. They blame her for her wrongdoings and will not accept her excuses.

While talking in code, Ben and Olive are trying to get as much information exchanged as possible. Surprised by another earthquake, Ben is taken away by the guards. Olive and Eden seem to be getting out, but moments later they are still in the visitor's area. Among the chaos, Eden sees a chance to get to her dad, she pulls away from Olive and climbs through the now broken window into the detention centre, followed by Olive.

The earthquake caused the floor under the medical wing of the detention centre to transform into a sinkhole. Daly's body, which was about to be transferred to another facility, is consumed by it. The guards are pissed about the plagues and concerned for their safety. Director Zimmer informs them that they are approved for isolation protocols, meaning they are locking the passengers inside the facility, and everybody else will be leaving. Around the centre, an armed perimeter is set up, so nobody will get in or out. Vance hands keycards over to Ben, setting him up to be in charge at the centre and make it livable for the passengers.

Eagan convinces Angelina to get the passengers on their side. He tells her he knows Ben's passenger board inside-out, giving him intel she can use to manipulate the passengers into letting them stay with them. She is using the omega Sapphire to tell them she is the chosen one, and that she can show them the way to salvation.

While everyone else is leaving the detention centre, Olive is still searching for Eden. Vance is surprised to see her and tells her to get out while she can. Ben can take care of Eden. Olive decides to stay since she has spent long enough without her father.

Vance visits Cal to tell him about Olive and Eden. Cal thinks he is alone, but Vance tells him he has him and will make sure he is safe too. Cal still can have callings, and he does have one. With Vance's help, he figures out what it means. Connecting the dots to a company that drives errands to the detention centre. Together they set off to track down the van that is supposed to visit the detention centre the next day and try to solve the calling.

At the cabin, Michaela and Jared are taking care of Steven, she feels lost without her callings and she doesn't know how to help anymore. Jared is supportive of her and offers to help her figure it out. Feeling caged up makes Michaela decides to go for a run. While staying off the main roads she does get spotted by the neighbour, who stopped by the cabin earlier to check if it was occupied again. The Neighbour gave off the impression that he was an anti-828'er.

Eden is found in the surveillance room. They bring her back to the main area where all the passengers have come together. All of them were unsure about the new situation and how to act on it, before they have a chance to discuss it, one of the guards, Quinn, comes back in. Quinn showed signs of PTSD from the plagues that caused some guards to die, in the days leading up to the isolation. He comes in armed, angry and ready to take all the passengers out. Ben trying to talk to him and calm him down only makes it worse. Eden then steps forward, telling him they are wrong. Quinn is taken aback by the fact that she is a kid and on the inside. She tells them Quinn is scared and offers him her doll because it helps her when she is scared. Eden can tell he won't hurt anyone, Ben now takes the conversation over telling Quinn that they will not hurt anyone either and are trying to stop the end of the world. But to do that they need to be free. Quinn cannot help him with that but is willing to take Eden out with him because once the doors are locked nobody is getting out anymore. They leave it up to Eden and Olive too, they want to stay so Ben lets them.

The neighbour staged an accident to get Michaela to help him. When she gets close enough, he pulls her down and throws her to the floor before he starts choking her. He knew she was an 828'er and wants to kill her.

The calling and tracking of the van led Cal and Vance to the exact location Michaela was at, they arrived right on time to save Michaela. Cal is confused because he didn't see Michaela in his calling. They decide to check the van and find it filled with sarin gas, which could have killed all the passengers in the detention centre. While Vance takes care of it Michaela and Cal go back to the cabin.

It is time for Ben to step up now everyone is getting antsy. He tells them that he doesn't know what the future holds but that he does know that everyone inside has become his family. With nine months left until the death date, they have to make a way to survive. Ben starts calling for people with specialities and volunteers to get the place running like a community.

Michaela wonders if the callings are gone or if they cannot receive them anymore. Cal thinks he can go on the plane and figure out if the callings are still there. And they are right. The plane is flying through some turbulence caused by all the callings from the passengers flying through at the same time. Cal hopes that if he can focus he might be able to solve them and then they might have hope to survive the death date.

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