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Season five of The Flash ended with a tearful goodbye to Nora West-Allen- Barry and Iris' adult child, their legacy. And with the end of the season comes a lot of relief. This season was painfully uneven and unsatisfying most of the time, even though there were a few slam dunks along the way. "Legacy" was one of the few episodes that managed to get just about everything right.

The Reverse Flash

We finally learned exactly what Eobard Thawne was up to in the final episode. One thing done pretty well this season was keeping the grand plan of Thawne under wraps. Yeah, everyone seemed to know that Thawne was up to something, but we just couldn't quite figure out what it was. I was pretty sure after a while that Thawne was working with the female Cicada, but I thought their relationship was a little more explicit or on the nose. Older Grace had no idea that Thawne had hatched the plan to create a version of her uncle that might prove easier to catch or destroy- poor evil Gracie. And then of course, poor Nora.

Thawne has a history of bending young people to his will. With his promises of knowledge, greatness, and his uncanny ability to make them feel downright special, Thawne revealed himself yet again to be the predator that he is. For fans, this is golden! We get the ultimate villain back, making promises to haunt Barry and Iris across the multiverse, across time. For the Flash family, his resurgence comes at the the ultimate price.

Thawne's superiority is of course rooted in his ruthlessness; he doesn't care who he has to hurt or kill to get what he wants, but his even greater power is his willingness to wait. He waited for Barry to let his guard down and become the hero he needed and then there was Nora. He set his trap and waited for her to fall right into it. He didn't get flustered or show nervousness about his impending execution. Thawne simply gave Nora enough crumbs to keep her coming back time after time, even after she met her father. He gave her enough hope and enough knowledge of the Speed Force to believe that she'd save her father- and guess what? She did. She saved him- her surrogate stand in for Barry.

The Flash Family

Watching Barry and Iris watch their daughter disappear was heartbreaking. These two have already lost so much, so to see them lose Nora was tough. This season, their navigation of parenthood has been less than pleasing. I guess having an adult child appear out of nowhere was bound to be hectic to manage, but it seems the writers never struck the right balance of Nora's arrival into their lives. They mostly dealt with Nora as individuals- not as a unit. Maybe this was purposeful. Maybe this was to exacerbate the rift between Nora and Iris and play up Nora's obsession with The Flash. Nevertheless, it never felt fair. It never felt like Barry and Iris were given time to discuss Nora's behavior on their own or with Nora for that matter. They were given their private moments with her and then it was back to normal.

Until the final few episodes, "Legacy" included, Barry and Iris didn't seem united about much of anything. I can see what the writers were trying to do. It just felt like they missed the mark. They wanted Barry and Iris to experience the ups and downs of parenthood quickly. So they took an adult Nora and made her as childlike as possible, tantrums included, and then had her do a 360 to become a responsible adult under their care. Understood. Flawless in theory, but meh in execution.

Even so, Nora finally growing up was a proud moment for them. She listened to Barry (for once) and took responsibility for her actions. Then when she needed to listen to herself, she did that as well. That is what part of adulthood looks like-taking the lessons our parents try to teach us and applying them to situations we find ourselves in. Though I wasn't a fan of Nora's character, I couldn't help but feel moved by her sacrifice. Barry made the same sacrifice when he defeated Zoom (though it was just a remnant of himself, it was still him), he almost made it when he went to save Wally from the Speed Force, Iris almost made it when she dived off of a building to save Barry. I'd say, Nora's legacy is one of a hero- equally gotten from both parents.

Team Flash

Still haven't figured out what Caitlin/Killer Frost's part in this season was meant to do. She started out being the non-dark matter created meta who could be the secret weapon against Cicada and then poof- that story line evaporated. Her story has always been murky with them going back and forth about whether or not she's a villain. Since she was not, her prominence this season was all about her ability to defeat Cicada. Nope, didn't happen. She did seem to become more simpatico with Frost and repaired the relationship with her mom, so I guess there was some progress on that front, but boy was it boring. No surprise there though. The legacy of Killer Frost is one of disappointment.

Ralph's character has become better and better. His barely there arc of getting back to his detective roots was beautifully done. His work with Sheroloque, still having to overcome his own worries about his ability to crack a case, and his willingness to support the team when they are in need has made watching his growth really satisfying. Ralph cracking the case about the dagger and Thawne shows just how important it is to be an investigator and not just rest on having powers. Investigators and superheroes work hand in hand to save the people and places they love.

Cisco's belief that being Vibe isn't who he's meant to be makes me sad. I love watching him be a meta, but I also love him wearing cool t-shirts, making cool tech and telling great jokes in the lab. He has saved Team Flash many times as Vibe, but maybe he can start saving them as the kick-ass engineer again.

Joe becoming Captain West was previewed back in season three. It's great to see that come to pass. Now if only we knew where baby Jenna was....

Other Things I was Thinking as I Watched

*Cicada was such a poorly executed and utterly forgettable villain. Especially compared to a villain like Thawne.

*Still haven't figured out why Nora and Grace were connected like they were. Barry and Iris weren't connected to Nora like that and they traveled around her memories too. Dark matter? Shrug....

*Thawne said Nora learned how to reverse time. Didn't he teach her how to do that in order to help Barry with the satellite?

*Glad to see Nora go, but sad to watch her leave.

*The Flash hasn't made me cry in years, but I cried during "Legacy". Way to go Team Flash. You cracked a hardened heart.

*Kamilla and Cisco are super cute. Hair game is on point!

*Captain, I mean Chief Singh finally telling Barry he knows his secret has me wondering just when he found out. I'd LOVE to see that on screen.

*Poor Barry and Iris. Not only did Nora erase herself from existence; she accelerated the crisis. Can these two catch a break?

*Thawne has a thing for Iris. His words to her are always oozing with something quite the opposite of hate.

* Nora should have Reverse Flashed the Reverse Flash. No one is more deserving of that fate than he is. Barry and Iris should have given their blessing.

"Legacy" was a good end to a rocky season and hopefully a springboard to an exciting season six. What did you think of "Legacy"? This entire season? Let us know in the comments. The Flash is on hiatus until the fall. See you back here then, and as always thanks for reading!

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