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The Flash - A New World, Part Three - Reviews

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The Flash is one step closer to its final run with the third installment of the New World. In this episode, Eddie tries to figure out his purpose and finally decides it's to have Iris. Let's discuss!

Eddie Thawne

Eddie Thawne suspected that there were three people in his relationship with Iris long ago. He was reminded of that in this episode. The blue crystal haunts Eddie and gives him fragments of his memories-his life with Iris, his intention to propose, and even his heroic death. As he struggles to understand what it all means, he is presented with a blonde version of Nora (that was a wild choice) to lure him into the vortex with the fantasy of being a father. 

Seeing Nora, The Flash Museum and the whispers of the blue crystal all converge to drive Eddie to the realization that Barry has the life he wants. Barry tries to talk Eddie out of this deranged idea but of course it doesn't work. Eddie continues to insist that he talk to Iris and Barry leaves it to him to make the right choice once more.

Eddie finds future Iris and tries to convince her that they would be happy together. She reminds him of his past realization that Barry was her true love. She rejects his declaration of love and reaffirms her love for Barry and their children. Like any madman would, Eddie vows to destroy her and all that she loves- cause why not do that to the person you can't live without?

Team Flash

I sometimes hate this show with a passion, and sometimes I absolutely love it. I was much more of a hater on this one. Cecile and her ever- changing powers have got to be one of the worst decisions this show has ever made. And to think, I used to say that about the Frost/Killer Frost mess they cooked up. Not only is Cecile an empath, it seems she can use her powers across time. She projects her consciousness into her future self (yes, that actually happened) only for her future self to be appalled at her present choices. If I didn't see it I wouldn't believe it either. 

So, her future self is awful judgey about her leaving Joe and Jenna to fight crime full time. This causes her to run back to the present in tears. She gets a standard pep talk from Chester and is ready to join the fray again.

Barry and Iris

Always a highlight, Barry and Iris's meeting was so sweet. Barry has always worried about losing Iris and his question about their future happiness is all he can think of even as the world is breaking. Sensing his worry, Iris comforts Barry by telling him that they are happy and she loves him more and more every day that they are together in the future. I will miss them dearly when this show is over.

Other Things I Was Thinking

* Why does everyone still look young as hell 26 years into the future? Mind you, all except Iris! Chester didn't have one gray streak in those dreads. Not one! I know Iris worries about Barry and kids but come on.

* Virtue- sigh..... The goggles and the super suit were quite enough, but the name took me out.

* Why is Speed Force Nora's power so weak now? If it's what enables Barry to be the most powerful speedster, won't his powers fade when she does?

* That blonde wig on Nora was so awful. So, she's gonna look exactly like Barry and Iris's Nora but with blonde hair cuz Eddie's blonde? Make it make sense!

*Nora is a daddy's girl, so the Negative Speed Force is extra nasty for trying to make him fight her.

* All speedsters hate Barry because of his powers and his heart, but they also really seem to have a hard on for the domestic life he has created with Iris. Why can't they find their own happiness? Or if they just have to have an Iris, go find one in the vast multiverse. Wait, Barry and Iris will always find one another so I guess the fight is on!

What did you think of "A New World, Part Three"? Are you hopeful for a more satisfying finale for a show we all loved so much? I know I am.  The final episode of The Flash airs next Wednesday on the CW. I'm sure we'll have lots to talk about then. As always, thanks for reading!

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