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The Flash - Wildest Dreams - Reviews

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There is no secret that The Flash has been hit or miss ( mostly misses ) for the last several seasons. The previous episode that shall not be named was an all time low according to fans, reviewers,  and ratings. Luckily, with a focus on Iris, "Wildest Dreams" gave the show a much needed rebound.

Iris West-Allen

Iris taking center stage was refreshing and long over due. The addition of Nia added to the interesting and fun way the show tried to address Iris's anxiety about her life choices and the coming future.

The dream sequences at CCPD and Jitters reminded Iris and us fans of the journey Iris has been on. We knew Iris wanted to be a cop, but was rebuffed by Joe and didn't pursue it. The dream allowed us to see that her choice to be a journalist was the right one, but that the underlying feeling of "what could have been" was never far away from her. 

The Jitters dream was beyond cute, and even though we know that Iris would've made an excellent cafe manager, she is much too big for that small time gig. The dreams showed her situational awareness, her leadership, and her ability to juggle many plates while also reminding her of what a life on the clock feels like. Yes, it could feel good to run off with Barry at quitting time, but that would be a life unfulfilled for someone with Iris's skills.

Nia helping Iris to realize that her future has been in the making for a long time and didnt just start with Barry's scrapbook was a nice bow on that story. Hearing that she has made the right choice from someone who doesn't spend a lot of time with her should be more than reassuring. And likewise for Nia. It was nice that Iris was the one with the power to help Nia let go to embrace what was coming.

Team Flash

I was suprised by my reaction to Mark. He normally annoys me, but I didn't feel that normal irritation with him. Yes, I am tired of the Frost play me a violin arc but the fact that he finally owned up to it and is giving lip service to trying to move on is a good step forward for his character.

Khione is still weird and watching Danielle Panabaker try to play clueless when her characters have been know-it-alls the entire show is difficult. It doesn't feel completely genuine. I'm trying though.

Other Things I Was Thinking

*Barry worrying about Iris and the baby was so heart breaking. He cannot lose another person! Him touching her stomach and telling her it was time to come home was so sweet and, she felt it. My heart!

*When Barry and Iris are reunited, they hug and that damn season 3 West-Allen music comes on. I was right back in the throws of my obsession with them!

*Nia and Iris were a great combination. So much friend chemistry! I wish we had been given more of them together.

*The First Dreamer being a Black woman was interesting! I'm here for it! I still don't quite understand what the other people in the dream were doing. Were they all dreamers? There to make Nia fearful?

*Chester and Allegra are kind of annoying- there I said it.

*Is it just me or does everyone say Khione in a way that sounds like they are saying Cailtin? That has to be on purpose!

What did you think of "Wildest Dreams"? Are you confident that the rest of the final season will be a hit? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @NaomiAnna_. You can catch The Flash on Wednesday nights on the CW.  As always, thanks for reading!

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