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The Flash - The Icicle Cometh - Reviews

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With 22-23 episodes a season, it's likely that a few will be less than stellar."The Death of Vibe" didn't live up to its name, but it wasn't a total bust. What's so disappointing about this week's episode being the season's first true dud is that the Caitlin Snow/ Killer Frost story desperately needed a win; it's been one of the weakest links in The Flash series. "The Icicle Cometh" did nothing to change that narrative.

Caitlin/Killer Frost

We've all been anxiously waiting to hear the newest explanation for Killer Frost's origin and the back story involving her father, Thomas. Well, we got it. It isn't a terrible story- it makes sense-sort of. I'm still trying to understand why her mom didn't tell her that Thomas was experimenting on himself especially after she showed up at Tannhauser labs exhibiting meta human abilities. That seemed like the perfect time to explain his absence and to help Caitlin come to terms with who she was becoming, but of course the show opted for more strained mother/daughter relationships all in the name of "keeping me safe". Sigh. Hopefully Caitlin and her mom can work things out since her dad's secret is now out in the open. Knowing Caitlin's mother, she'll blame her for his escape so I won't hold my breath.

I was hoping that this episode would help me better understand if Killer Frost was a hero or a villain. I'm still not quite sure which she is. She chose to save Team Flash and called them her family. That qualifies for hero status, right? I ask this with a hint of caution because Earth Two's version of Killer Frost helped Team Flash, but was also still pretty evil, as was the human trafficking Earth One Killer Frost. So where does that leave Caitlin's returned other half? Is she someone that can be trusted fully or is the team at her emotional whim? Maybe I missed something, but if Killer Frost's appearance is controlled by Caitlin's emotions, that means her anger and fear will trigger her alter ego just as her happiness could. That's still a dangerous proposition for Team Flash to take on. Sure, they've dealt with bad metas and struck partnerships with baddies when necessary, but they never dwell under the same roof with them and call them family after knowing who they really are. I hope there's a real answer to this, and it can't just be that Caitlin talks to Killer Frost everyday and they're cool now. Nope. Need more. Do better.

Now for the thing I have to say, but don't want to say. The Killer Frost reboot is a mess on top of a mess, and as the writers have tried to add heft and emotion to her story, Panabaker has struggled to pull off the portrayal. Killer Frost as a campy ice queen was fun and decently played by Danielle Panabaker much earlier in the series. As Zoom's minion and Firestorm's partner in crime, Killer Frost was interesting and enjoyable to watch on screen. Now that she is this alter ego of feelings with Icicle for a father, Panabaker can't bring the high level of emotion it takes to bring that to life.

Grant Gustin's father/son scenes with John Wesley Shipp were heart wrenching and were the nucleus of the show. Candice Patton's recent mother/daughter scenes with Jessica Parker Kennedy have been worthy of praise for their depth and tear-jerking nature. Though Flash is a fun series, it has always had a level of drama that has endeared the show to many, and the actors are the reason why. When Panabaker is in scenes with stronger actors, she looks stronger, but when the spotlight is squarely on her to convey despair, pain or the wide range of emotions a daughter in her place might feel, she isn't able to carry the moment. Making Killer Frost a more serious character isn't doing either any favors.


It kinda sucks that it took Iris jumping off of a building to truly open Nora's heart, but progress is progress, and I will take it any day over the angst they were having. Iris still keeping her interview process to herself was a nice touch and shows that their journey isn't quite over. The fact that Nora senses Iris' reluctance and is a little hurt by it is also slow and steady progress, but we know that this mother/daughter duo is on the right track.

Team Flash

Watching Cisco look at the Team Flash photo was a nice throw back and a great way to jump start his need to uncover the truth for a friend. His willingness to question Thomas' motive and Barry's naivete was impressive, and showed some growth on that front. Many times the team has been willing to take someone in and not look beyond the surface, but Cisco endured Caitlin's wrath knowing it would be the right call in the end.

It was a little strange that Barry was more willing to question Nora when she first got there than Thomas, but oh well. Cisco set him straight though, and it was glorious to behold. Team Flash holding one another accountable is a winner any time it happens.

Other Things Going Through My Mind as I Watched:

* What a snooze fest.

*Barry and Iris were so psyched that Nora wanted to go with Iris.

*Nora trusting her mom's advice about running on the water was very sweet. It meant so much to Iris.

* Why was Barry wearing Chuck Taylor's to the North Pole?

* So did Dr. Wells (Thawne) know about Killer Frost all along? Why did the feed just start working?

*Is Mr. Freeze actually coming to The Flash since he was name dropped?

* Cecile stepping on that couch to get in Ralph's face was hilarious. He looked scared for real.

* Killer Frost should be a villain-period.

* I kinda liked the Icicle concept. Its execution-meh.

*I can't tell if Chris Klein is trying to look menacing, like he's in pain or what. Whatever that look is- it's not having the intended effect.

What did you think of "The Icicle Cometh"? Sound off in the comments or talk to me on Twitter @NaomiAnna_.
As always, thanks for reading!

The Flash airs on Tuesday nights on the CW.

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