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Z Nation - Heartland - Review + POLL

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In 'Heartland' the team head to the farm where the flour for the biscuits is being produced.

The episode was a mix bag of over the top silliness and hefty dramatic moments.

These dramatic moments mostly involved George. The death of Dante last week paved way for some resonant emotional beats this episode. Z Nation has done a great job thus far in making us care about this new hero.

What the team has lacked over these five seasons is someone who can step in as the leader when Warren is not around. Addy, Ten K, and Doc are all capable team members, but not exactly the leader type.

Georgie had already proven her mettle as the former leader of Altura and in 'Heartland' this point is emphasized with Warren commending Georgie's leadership and how this is not the time for her to forget who she is amidst her lust for vengeance.

Everything else about 'Heartland' was pure silliness, reaching to a point where it actually got quite painful to watch, including the over top lassoing by 10K and Doc, and the farmer who fed pieces of his brain to keep the talkers tame.

The return of Pandora is always welcome, if not to just keep the main story moving along. She is an interesting villain, but we haven't seen enough of her just yet to really despise her.

Overall, the season feels like it is faltering a bit. The talkers at first helped refresh things for this show, but lately they have just been going too over the top with it all. There still remains the political element regarding the discrimination of talkers with George in the midst of the conflict and that does add a welcome element to Z Nation.

Next week it looks like the heroes will be heading to the source of the water in their continued search for the missing ingredient in the biscuits. I hope they find it because this storyline of the season has been dragging out a bit too long.


What did you guys think? Leave your thoughts in the comments and vote in the poll below!

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