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The Sinner - Part VII - Review: Family

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"Saving my son isn't gonna save you."

The season is coming to an end and finally, a lot of the pieces are falling in place but when we start thinking what else is left to be learned a new twist comes along making sure we're all eager to see how this ends. We learn Marin had a hard time after leaving Mosswood, including an addiction to drugs, but then she went to a convent for three years where she got sober. After that, she realized all she wanted was a family so she went back for Julian but Vera refused. She tried to see him at night but they kicked her out, hence Julian's "nightmares", and she asked for Bess' help.

When the cops show up at Mosswood searching for Julian this alerts Vera that they lost him and she loses it so they arrest her, which might play a part in the finale, because otherwise, it seems kinda useless. Ambrose investigates Julian's disappearance and he finds out there was a brown van the night he went missing, so he goes to the police station with the information and Heather puts out an Amber alert. They find the van abandoned near the woods so they go in and they find a belt that takes them to the Grey Daughters of the Immaculate Conception where they see a photo of Marin who apparently goes by Laura now.

Later, they fill the details from Julian's perspective, they show Marin telling him she will take him home, which he believes to mean Mosswood, until he gets suspicious when the trip gets long and starts freaking out. He runs out to the woods but Marin catches up with him trying to explain she's his mother singing the song Bess sang when they were at the motel. This calms him down and after that, he seems to be on board. They try to go back to the van but there's a cop there so they take a bus where they try to catch up, she tells him about her journey and how much she missed him and he seems to be comfortable with her, but then he realizes Bess and Adam were trying to help and has another episode so they get off the bus.

Later, Marin calls Heather asking for help, for her to delay the cops, but Heather refuses. She and Ambrose track the call and this takes them to an Indian reservation, but when they get there, cops are already on the way and they fid Marin's dead body. Now the question is, did Julian kill her? or did someone from Mosswood do it? He seemed to be cozying up to her, but then again he also seemed okay with Adam and Bess before killing them. Also, who was Marin talking on the phone with? It could've been someone from the convent but it didn't sound like it.

Now, it's easy to see why Marin's story is heartbreaking, she had an awful past, she never felt wanted, and all she wanted was a family, but when she was finally in a place to make that happen she died. It might be just me, but I didn't get as attached to her as much as I think was necessary to feel this tragedy. In spite of the flashbacks, for me, her character was never really fleshed out. Of course, that could change in the last episode, you never know, but I think there's too much to resolve to focus too much on that.

"All she ever wanted was a family."

What did you think about this episode? How do you think this ends? Let me know in the comments.

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