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2023 Character Cup - Round 4 (Elite Eight and Mini-Contest)

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Welcome to Round 4! We are down to the Elite Eight. Round 3 saw some mighty characters fall and some very close polls with Jax Teller winning by a mere 4 votes. Every vote counts in these rounds so don’t forget to pass the word about your favorites. When once it seemed like there was a clear forerunner, now that’s not true. It’s anyone’s game.

Today also starts the mini-contest and it is a surprise in every way. I have never heard of the most nominated character or his show. Who knew that out of 8 spots, two of them would be animated? Add in multiple older shows and this mini-contest has just as much variety as the Cup this year.

Over in the prediction contest, my brackets have completely busted. Only Lucy remains of my final 4 picks. Going by potential score, Hard is in the lead with Wishin’, Amber Lacy, and Pavelas right behind. Congrats! If you are just joining the Cup, please take time to read the rules in the link below. Happy voting!

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CC Rules
Prediction Contest

Round will end at approximately 10 am CST on June 27..

TV Talk Topic: Character for the Day  

You're dropped into your favorite show for a day. What do you wish would happen while in that world? In contrast, what is the likeliest thing to actually happen to you? (Thanks to Bradley Adams for the topic suggestion.)

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