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Station 19 - Get it All Out & What are You Willing to Lose - Double Review

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A recap of two episodes, seeing the beginning of the aftermath of Dixon’s attempt to blackmail Chief Ross through Maya. Where Warren keeps worrying about his wife's safety and where Ruiz finally finds his place as chief of Station 19.

Starting Ruiz has not found his place as chief of Station 19, struggling to do his job and acting under pressure. This results in him overcompensating but also calling Andy out on her doing her job the way she is used to doing it. He feels she is undermining her while thinking she is mad at him for getting the Captain position at 19. By the end of their shift in the first episode, Andy calls him out on his behavior. He starts his defense by telling her that he gets it, it is her house, and she would have wanted the job too. But she interrupts him, telling him she was offered the job but turned it down. After this, the air is cleared between the two of them, and we also see Ruiz more at ease in his position, especially during the second episode.

As we have seen last, Dixon handed Maya the envelope with photos of Chief Ross and Sullivan. We see Maya debating what to do with it, and she does call the Union to discuss something but gets a voicemail. putting it to rest for a bit, later talking to Carina about it, who first seems worried Maya is falling into old habits but is soon relieved that Maya is looking for the right thing to do. Maya later goes to Andy with it to ask for her advice since she usually comes up with a good idea. This time Andy does not give the reaction Maya was expecting because she just figured out that Sullivan had been lying to her all this time.

Both women bring a visit to Chief Ross about the photos so she can get ahead of the story. While Ross seems lost on what to do with it yet, Andy tells her the Seattle Fire Department, and Andy herself, cannot lose her as chief and be replaced with one of Dixon’s friends. Later Chief Ross confronts Dixon about the photos he is giving her an ultimatum until the end of the day. He can make the photos disappear if she endorses him, which is against her beliefs. Not willing to give in to Dixons' wishes, she brings a visit to the Union herself. They immediately turn against her, blaming her for them wanting to look the other way. She states that they have looked away in far worse cases and they need to have her back, not Dixon’s. Before they can finish, she is called away to the fire 19 is responding to.

Chief Ross has been trying to get a hold of Sullivan, who has applied for the position of Battalion Chief in Spokane, to tell him about the story. Since she didn’t get a hold of him, he had to hear it through his union rep, who asked him if he was cohered into a relationship. When he confronts her about his he is livid, and they get into an argument about it. One of so many, since all they had done these past two episodes is fight about what they want and how they can be together.

Warren is still worried about Bailey's safety, and he has no reason not to be. He voices his concern toward Carina and gets backed up by Maya who is worried for Carina. But Carina tells them they need to do it, and getting more guns on the street is no option. People need to feel safe, and when Warren is being held back by security getting back into the office to help a woman deliver a baby she realizes Carina was right.

During their next shift, Warren talks to Andy about it and she tells him about how her dad acted when she first started at the fire department and that trying to protect her eventually cost him his life. During the house fire, they respond to Andy, Warren, and Travis need to vent the roof, but the fire has spread so much that before they can vent it, part of the roof collapses and Warren falls through. He is visibly injured and is struggling to find a way out of the maze of this house. Since his radio broke in his fall, there is also no way for him to contact his team, leaving them worried about his life. Luckily Warren gets out alive, with one of the two victims he found on his way out. He ended up having a broken arm and two ribs meaning he will be out for a while.

With Travis being ahead in the polls, he got to have meetings with council members. That is when he realized he was way over his head and didn’t know what he was doing. While Eli kept pushing him to go on, Vic was his voice of reason here and told him that he needed to keep listening to his instincts. So when Travis got back into the meeting he told the council member that he should run for Mayor and that Travis would give him full support and campaign for him. Travis pulled back from running in the electoral campaign.

Maya and Carina started dating again to rebuild the foundation of their relationship. The first date took place at the fire station during Maya’s shift. While getting a tour around the firehouse, Carina is interrupted by a call from Pam, the pregnant woman from a few episodes ago. Asking for assistance from the aid car, they go to Pam’s workplace where they find her with her arm stuck in a vending machine and having contractions. We learn that Carina and Pam indeed go out for drinks, but as friends, and that Carina went out because she felt lonely and it was nice to have someone to talk to. This ‘first date’ was testing Maya's behavior, since we saw her getting a bit jealous, but eventually, we saw her soften and even fall more in love with Carina.

Since their first date didn’t go as planned, they went on a second first day, and as you can expect this didn’t go as planned either. They end up at Joe’s bar, the place they first met, where the last few standing from a bachelorette party cause some chaos. When the bride-to-be falls off a barstool, Carina and Maya treat her before they send her to Grey Sloan. Upon treating her, they talk to the women about the wedding but are also telling things about their wedding and relationship the other needs to hear from them right now, giving the scene a deeper layer. Maya and Carina decide to finish the date at the apartment. Laying in bed after they have had sex Carina gets emotional. She tells Maya she cannot move back in here. Being back in the bedroom was too painful. Carina finally lets Maya in on all the pain she has caused her.

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