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Chesapeake Shores - I get a Kick out of You - Review

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This week a lot happened during the episode. Meghan and Mick are living together again and Mick is confronted with some old habits of Meghan, Kevin wants to make a change, Bree has a visitor, Luke might be in big trouble, Evan is confronted with his past and Jess starts self-doubting. And between all of this The firehouse throws a baby-shower for Kevin and Sarah.

Attorneys at law
The name of Connor and Margarets Law-firm is revealed as “Keller & O’Brien Attorneys at law” While Margaret says that he didn’t have to put her name first and he says it is alphabetical and didn’t have a choice. Like Margaret says he did have a choice and it shows how much he respects her and her quality of work. That she doesn’t come second after him and like shown in previous episodes he is even willing to step aside for her to grow. Something that is so important in a good work-life relationship.

The flash-drive
David has been going through the evidence on the flash-drive that might help clear his fathers name. Which they soon find out is circumstantial. David wants to help his father but also doesn’t want to drag his new family with Jess into all of this. But when Jess tells him it isn’t like him not to help anyone in need he goes to Connor for advice. His family lawyer won’t return his calls, so with a little help from Connor he calls a list of attorneys to help represent his fathers case. Without any luck. Even without the evidence the case still goes to trial and his father is in need of a good Lawyer. So finally he decides to ask Connor to represent his father.

Jess is still having no luck with the winery, considering the time-jump it has been over six months since she started to get this project off the ground. She cannot seem to find banks interested in her idea. This makes Jess self-doubt herself if she isn’t good enough. A valid emotion when something doesn’t hit off after trying for so long. She even is afraid of losing the B&B. But after hosting a successful event, and them wanting to come back again, we see a slight simmer of hope.

Movie rights
After getting approval from her family Bree is following the next steps in giving up the rights to her book to make it into a movie. Bree invites Miranda Livingston, the actress who wants to buy the rights, over to Chesapeake Shores so she can convince her she is the right person for the job. Miranda also wanted to visit Bree, to get to know her, her family and where she lives in order to portrait her as authentically as possible. As we see both Bree and Miranda get off to a good start at lunch and Bree likes her. When Miranda visits one of Bree’s lectures and gives her some advice, Bree feels attacked. Making Bree go back and forth if it is the right decision to sell her book rights for the movie.

Genetic test results
Evan gets back his genetic test results, at first they are exciting but then unsettle him. This is because of some unresolved family history. He was raised by his mom, she didn’t have any family and didn’t want to talk about his dad. Which made Evan unsure about what to do next and even in need of a hobby to settle his mind. Eventually when he tells Abby about his history she feels guilty for pressuring him but he decides it is time to figure out more about his fathers side of the family and sends Mandrake to Florida to find out more about Evans cousins. When mandrake returns sooner than expected, we all think he might have found something about the cousins, but you can easily say that what he brought home is more like a bomb dropping. Introducing Evan to his father.

Career change
Sarah is still nervous about this pregnancy and visit the doctor for some pregnancy pains. When the doctor asks questions, Kevin mostly answers and also gives the diagnosis before the doctor could. Resulting in asking him where he did go to medical school. This gives him a lot to think about during the episode. By the end he talks to Sarah, telling her he wants to go back to medical school and become a doctor. This would be his third career in the series, which shows that is it never too late to follow your dreams and change paths.

The robbery
Luke has to visit Frederick’s Country, it is his moms birthday and he wants to visit his parents graves. On his way back home he stops at a convenience store. While being there an armed robber comes in and wants the cashier to empty the register and the safe. Instead of hiding in the store Luke comes up to the robber and tells him to knock it off. That the cashier cannot get in the safe and that he can read that on the sign, when the robber is distracted Luke attacks him and they end up in a fight. The robber loses his gun for a second but quickly after gets it back, now the struggle involves a gun. The viewers are taken outside and we hear a gun go off. The end. We have to wait until next episode to see what happens, I can think of two scenarios, both not ending well for Luke. One, he gets shot. The extend of the injuries could be from a flesh wound to death. Two, Luke shoots the robber and with his record and still being on probation he could end up back in jail. At least I assume he is still on probation.

What do you think happened there?

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