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The Flash - Success Is Assured - Reviews

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Even though we knew The Flash was going to end its season a few episodes early, we had no idea it would be such a dud. Here is the full list of what I was thinking the entire time:

*Danielle Panabaker was due to exit the next few episodes due to her pregnancy. It's no surprise Caitlin/Frost would get a nice send off from Team Flash. The dud here was the mommy issues being trotted out again. Didn't they work this all out after her father tried to kill them? Oh, I keep forgetting-Caitlin doesn't have mommy issues anymore. Frost does- sigh.....

*Ralph is into Sue, but he is coming off like a stalker.

*Cecile. Eye roll. When she was a DA, I could bare it. Meta defense attorney Cecile is nerve-wrecking.

*Mirror Master's outfit was a bit outer spacy for me.

*Eva was in the mirror for six years. Iris has been in there a few weeks. Why does Iris have the capabilities Eva has acquired over years? Did Eva gain those powers just as fast? If so, can we assume Iris will become bent on some type of revenge? She knows Barry is trying to get to her-she's seen him fight for her, so who will her cognitive issues be aimed at? Hopefully Eva.

*Eva tells Barry that Iris was investigating her husband. So she didn't randomly kidnap Iris- Iris stood in the way of her revenge fantasy since her reporting would have likely put him in prison.

*Once Eva killed Carver, why didn't she let Iris, Kamilla, and Singh go? Well, I guess they wouldn't be the best folks to be walking around freely knowing she's nuts and a killer.

*Maybe Eva will use Iris as a bargaining chip for Barry to stand down.

*Barry checking Nash-"She's my wife" was so completely satisfying. Nash trying to make him feel guilty about his instincts to save Iris made me mad.

*Not sure why Nash felt the need to step in as Barry was deciding if he should trade Carver for Iris. Barry has seriously thought about doing things that wouldn't seem hero-like. He wanted to kill Grodd, seriously considered killing Solovar, and was willing to let events play out with Plunder in order to save or get back to Iris. It has been Iris who talks him out of these-even saying her life isn't worth him losing his humanity. This choice isn't new. I just wish he'd make it in her favor for once.

*Barry's speed is hanging on by a thread. It has to be gone by now.

*Why was Barry just lingering in Caitlin's apartment when she left? It was a strange shot to watch her walk out and leave him standing there.

*That was THEE longest fight sequence I have ever seen. I shuddered as the camera broke into looking like a Zoom meeting.

*I don't think I laughed once through the entire episode. That's unusual for a Flash episode.

*Allegra and Nash finally made some progress. I was so tired of her being mean to him and him sucking up to her-well, he hasn't stopped doing that yet.

*Kamilla hasn't exhibited any symptoms of neural dissonance. Why? How long has she been missing?

*Hey Joe!!!

*Iris has been in that damn mirror forever. As soon as she starts to figure things out, she is sparkled into thin air, and now we won't know what happens to her until January. I am weeping!

Did you think "Success Is Assured" was a pleasing way to end the season? Sound off in the comments! As always, thanks for reading.

The Flash is scheduled to return to the CW line-up in January 2021. See ya then!

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