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The Flash - Godspeed - Reviews

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The Flash's return from hiatus with "Godspeed" was a welcome treat to an uneven season of storytelling. Fans were left wondering how Nora would mend the broken hearts and trust of her family as well as the team after her secret alliance with Thawne was revealed. This episode helped to piece together what drove the young speedster into the relationship with her mentor but didn't give a good enough explanation for maintaining the relationship after all his evil deeds had been shared with her.


He's been betrayed more than we'd like to discuss so it's totally understandable that the pain he feels is magnified a thousand times when it comes from his own kid. Throwing Nora in the pipeline because of her lies was an extreme reaction to her dishonesty; but it could be understood. He had just heard about Thawne, he's devastated that she lied repeatedly, and he doesn't know what else to do at that point. During this year's crossover, Barry became Oliver Queen and we were told that experience would not be the last we'd see of some of the anger that might surface in Barry. Is this one of those times? It would certainly explain a lot.

He has lost the ability to forgive for the moment or to listen. He asked Nora why she kept working with Thawne and never let her muster the courage to tell him. The answer could have been very eye opening. "I'm trying to save you Dad." Or it could be more painful than Barry wants to hear. "He was like a father to me." Barry would surely be able to understand- he says as much. He fell under Thawne's spell and even after he found out his secret in season one, he lamented about how hard it was to see him as a villain.

Right now though, he can't give Nora the same break. His anger and the fact that he was barely able to get over his mother's death are in the way. This is something the story gets right. Barry is highly emotional- even the Reverse Flash reminds us of that. Running back to save his mom without telling anyone, running into the Speed Force without telling Iris first- both life-changing decisions he made in a highly emotional state. Being mad at Nora is one thing, but taking Nora away from Iris without her input or without letting her say goodbye was not fair. He knows how hard Iris has had it with Nora and the guilt she feels about taking away her speed. A rational Barry would have made sure to include his wife. Maybe Barry knew that if he told Iris what he wanted to do, she'd say no. Maybe he knew that if Iris asked him not to do it, he wouldn't be able to. It's time for Joe to step in as Dad-Cop. Mr. Allen really needs one of those talks.


Poor Iris. She's gonna lose Barry and then her daughter. She has second guessed her ability to be a good mom most of the season and just when she feels that things are going well with Nora, she is taken away from her.
Iris has lost many things already. A fiance, a mother, and now Nora. Yes, she will see her in the future but that isn't the point. For Barry not to take into account what feelings Iris would have about Nora leaving was selfish. He knows the void Iris had not knowing her mother and how hard saying goodbye to her was when she finally found her. Barry also knows how hurt she was when he left without discussing his stay in the Speed Force with her. She's his best friend and his wife so he should be fully aware of how she's going to react. Yet, his anger and pain are all that he can see or feel, so Iris' feelings take a back seat. They always do when it comes to things relating to his mother.

It's a good thing that Iris can hold her own. She isn't about to let this decision stand. She let Nora out of the pipeline without asking what Barry thought. She shut down Sherloque, and it's pretty obvious that she'll bypass Barry if she thinks he isn't being fair. She'll do anything to protect her daughter; being a good mom is worth the fight. Iris also knows Barry- she knows that he's being extremely harsh because of all the pain that the Reverse Flash has caused him- that he isn't exactly thinking straight. Because of that, she'll have to take the lead.


Nora's origin story as a speedster very much parallels her dad's. The bumbling, smart, and cute CSI who can't seem to catch that one bad guy. Where they differ is Nora went looking for the evil speedster to help her. Barry was found and preyed upon by the villain for years without knowing. In her defense, she had no other speedsters to help her. She didn't know her dad or her uncle were speedsters. She didn't even know she was one until she was a grown up.

Having Thawne help her catch Godspeed and subsequently teaching her about traveling in time were acceptable reasons to have an alliance with him. She didn't trust her mother for the lies, she lost her best friend to a metahuman-the perfect recipe for being driven towards Thawne. He also gave her what she had not been given by her parents. A version of the truth about the biggest hole in her life. Because of Thawne, she was able to find Barry's message and all of his Flash belongings that didn't make it into the museum.

Honestly, Nora is just like Barry in that if she wasn't so emotional and impulsive her mother would have probably been able to share those things with her. When she confronted her mother about the dampening chip, she didn't even let her explain before speeding off to Thawne. Just like Barry wouldn't let her explain before speeding her back to the future.

Other Things I was Thinking as I Watched

*Danielle Panabaker should think about stepping behind the camera for good. She did an excellent job with this episode. Maybe hang up that frosty wig girl.

*Nora and Barry deserve each other. Neither one of them is a very good listener when they're in their feelings.

*Where was Joe? I know he's trying to let them be parents/ grown ups, but if there was ever a time for a Joesim.... (tapping watch)

*Godspeed's suit was dope as ****! That voice though- meh. What's with the lame villain voices? They can't go from Zoom's creepy octaves to the mess we have now. C'mon Flash crew.

*Iris snapping on Sherloque gave me life!

*Cecile's powers either suck an egg or Thawne really, really taught Nora how to lie with precision. That's a scary prospect. Cisco was on the money and that does give Barry BIG reason to distrust Nora. How will he know if she's telling the truth if she's been trained by the best liar they've ever known?

*Betting Barry didn't just make Nora a video. He made one for Iris too and that dampening chip isn't all on her....

*Didn't miss the Cicada story line at all.

*Why were they torturing Thawne in the prison?? Not a good look.

*Thawne couldn't wait for a distraught Barry to confront him about Nora. That smug look was all over his face.

What did you think of "Godspeed"? Sound off in the comments below! And as always, thanks for reading.
The Flash airs on Tuesday nights on the CW.

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