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The Flash - Goldfaced - Reviews

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The Flash delivered a pretty entertaining episode with Barry and Ralph playing undercover bad boys, Iris being her badass self, and Nora being her usual annoying, but even more so, manipulating self. Let's get to it.

Barry and Ralph

With Cisco out of the picture ( Hoping this is not an ominous sign of things to come.), Ralph and Barry were in BFF mode. This wasn't a bad thing though. Since the colossal dial back of Ralph's obnoxious entrance to the show, he's been almost endearing this season. Helping Barry to feel at ease with and even to carry the burden of doing the dirty work to get the tech they need for the cure to work, he has truly become someone worthy of having a place on Team Flash.

Cool under pressure and quick witted, watching Barry actually wake up and use skills other than his speed to outsmart and take down Goldface was something that the show desperately needed to do. Having him away from his lab work for such a long time makes it easy for the audience to forget just how smart he truly is-especially when he is surrounded by team members who are geniuses or at the height of their fields like Wells, Cisco and Caitlin.

Barry never has to think of the scientific or even the most logical explanations to problems because he asks his team to do the thinking for him. Think back to season one when he had the murder board of his mother underneath his work board. He was always working towards something- he had a mystery to solve that was propelling him forward. What propels the hero now? What looms larger than Cicada? He knows that Crisis is coming- what plans are Barry Allen making? Hope we get to see that he has been creating and being The Scientist or The Chemist all along.

Iris West-Allen

What a journalist won't do for a story- or in this case her family. So, Cicada is a psychotic meta human killer with a meta tech dagger, and Iris goes to his house armed with mace. Yep. I said mace. She may have had a gun in her purse, but it didn't do any good because she set the purse down some place other than within her reach. Iris is brave, and of course she's going to do anything to keep her daughter and her husband safe- she made that very clear when she jumped off of the building a few episodes back. All weapon shaming aside, Iris' hand to hand combat skills are probably pretty sharp-she can handle herself just fine. She was able to keep Cicada at bay, and able to wound him in the place that mattered most. Something all four members of Team Flash plus XS couldn't do with how many takes?

Nora West-Allen

Nora's manipulation of Sherloque to keep him off of her trail is so damaging to her character. She is an established liar, and now she is deliberately creating circumstances to change someone's life. Even though it may help him fall in love with someone, it is unfair of her to make alterations to time to get the results that she wants. And all at the behest of Eobard Thawne. She can't truly believe that she will make all of these small changes and they won't amount to something larger happening unexpectedly; Nora has to be smarter than that. On top of the lies that she will have to fess up to that involve her dad, she will now have to carry this one too.

Other Things I was Thinking as I Watched

*Barry was too cute trying to decorate Iris' office. Guess he learned his lesson from decorating without asking the last time.

*Iris and Barry respecting each others' opinions about their work is what we love about them. She wouldn't write about Cicada without his support.

*Barry was all "We did great without our powers". Then he got that call from Iris and whoosh!!!

*Barry had no chill at the weapons show. Buying all the cop killing guns-yep. Cop right here.

*Why did Ralph do that roll and slide on the floor during the stun gun shoot out scene?

*Goldface was a cool villain. I'd like to see him again. Did I hear them say he was Amunet Black's boyfriend??

*If Cisco leaves, I'm.....

*Nora is cancelled. Have her mistakes caused Iris to have twins yet? If not, get to it and poof- be gone girl.

What did you think of "Goldfaced"? Sound off in the comments below! And as always, thanks for reading.
The Flash airs on Tuesday nights on the CW.

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