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This Is Us - The Last Seven Weeks - Review: Safe + Poll

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"I want John Stamos back."

In this episode of This Is Us we didn't get many flashbacks but they still played a bit with time showing us intriguing bits of election night as well as the events that transpired before. We see Randall going all in with the campaign, knocking doors and sleeping in Philly more often than not, which Beth of course isn't thrilled about. We do get to see Randall's memory of a conversation with Jack where young Randall was thinking of getting into politics and was already worried about balancing work and family since he always gets too focused on his projects. And he was definitely onto something since his absence from the family life during the campaign came really close to ruining his marriage.

Eventually he has a heart to heart with the Reverend and realizes that the things he's appreciate when he's older are not the things he's focusing on right now, so he gives s Pearson speech to his girls asking for forgiveness and to be accepted back. He stops focusing on the campaign and this makes Beth realize the man she married was the man running to help people, so she urges him to go back and finish what he started. It seems he made a good impression on the Reverend because he gets a nice endorsement and ends up winning. I'm glad things seem to have gotten better in their marriage but I worry the job might get in the way again now that he won.

Kate and Toby are getting the nursery ready but this means Toby has to sell some of his toys, sadly Kate confuses what "DNS" means for him and sells some action figures Toby wanted to give the baby which sends them hunting for them but they have no luck so she buys some new ones and he gets her a handmade stadium like the one her dad gifted her. This story was a bit unimportant compared to the others but it was nice to finally see them look to the future with hope instead of fear.

In the meantime, Kevin an Zoe are dealing with their own drama since their search for information on Nicky drives Zoe to seek help from an ex which brings a lot of doubts into their new decision of moving together, it seems she broke up over e-mail with this guy she'd been dating for years and this is a big red flag for Kevin and he confronts her about it but she gets defensive. Eventually she tells him the trauma she suffered in the past makes her fearful of giving up her safe space, so suddenly understanding Kevin says he'll walk over her boxes his entire life if he has to, and it will even be good for his calves, which was hilarious, so she asks for his John Stamos key and they're back on track.

What did you think of the episode? I look forward to your comments and I leave you with the poll.

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