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The Bold Type - Stride Of Pride - Advance Preview: Jane, Kat, and Satan

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"We did our best"

On the next episode of The Bold Type, we begin with people having fun in bed and end with a gut-punch and me screaming at the screen. Definitely the subject this time was diversity, and how important it is right now, to try and change pretty much everything that's wrong with the world one step at a time.

There's a very fun scene at karaoke filled with googly eyes until it all takes a surprising turn and Satan (yes, I'm calling her that from now on, and if you've seen the sneak peaks you know why), finds herself in an uncomfortable position which, luckily, she handles with a lot of maturity, someting her friends don't always share. Though this time Jane shows some as well and finds a way to help and atone for her shortsightedness, which I think is understandable and she handled in the right way (pobody's nerfect).

It seems after her talk with Alex, Kat is a lot more aware and trying to see what she can do to help people of color get better oportunities and thus bringing a very interesting point to the show, one they'll hopefully keep adressing. It also brigns Oliver to the forefront as a wise advisor giving Jacqueline a run for her money and I have to say I can't get enough of this.

"Next time it's black people snack time, send me a memo."

Sadly, there's not enough Jacqueline, and Kadena fans will be unhappy, Adena seems to be away for the moment. But, for Pinstripe fans, you'll be happy to learn they are finding ways to keep him around by working with Jane at the coffee shop and growing the friendship, which is exactly what I was hoping for. Dan Jeannotte adds something very special to the show, and though he and Jane clearly can't be together yet, I don't want this to mean he disappears from her life completely. Besides, he challenges her in a way no one else does, and she definitely needs more of that.

They're also finding ways too keep Richard around, which I like but I think it makes the break up a lot harder, on all of us, not just Satan (yes, get used to it). The title, "Stride of Pride", refers to a different way of calling the "walk of shame" and there will be a hilarious scene regarding this, and just one more reason to love the friendship between our girls.

"Honestly, in my mind, you were just born here."

Don't forget to tune in for The Bold Type on Freeform, next Tuesday at 8:00 – 9:01 p.m. EDT.

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