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The Flash - Run, Iris, Run - Review

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A girl's gotta be her own hero every now and again.- Iris West

Those words ring very true, but in Tuesday night’s Run, Iris, Run, Mrs. West-Allen had to be everyone’s hero. Run, Iris, Run delivered a rock solid team story while also giving its leading lady her series break out moment.

Girls, Girls, Girls

Iris West-Allen is best known in the comics as a sharp investigative reporter; we were given the groundwork of her journalism arc very early in the series and have been reminded of her ultimate place in the newsroom throughout the life of the show. The 2024 headline, her outing of Julian’s past, and several other instances of Iris as an effective sleuth have served to keep us intrigued about what will come of Iris the journalist. Because television shows have been known to go off course a season or two or even three in some cases, we haven’t been sure when Iris would get back to her desk full time. Run, Iris, Run cleared up that uncertainty.

Having Iris gain Barry's powers was entertaining as hell, but it wasn’t just a silly one off- it served a very real purpose- it helped Iris remember hers. As women often do for the people they love, Iris put her dreams on hold to help everyone stay the course. With Barry gone, the team needed someone who could run point from S.T.A.R. Labs. I won’t get into this too much because it is truly astonishing that it’s even an issue. (Who would be better suited to sit in the lab and read the monitors than Iris? She isn’t a metahuman or a cop and those who fit those descriptions needed to be in the field- where is the fire people?) Anyway, I was so happy to hear Iris pointedly tell Barry that she quit her job for him, the team, and ultimately for the city as well. Getting her point of view about how her life completely changed being the leader of Team Flash was what made the show so strong and very reflective of today’s landscape for many women.

Subtly and expertly, Run, Iris, Run also gave Caitlin Snow’s character a much-needed boost. As Iris gained her powers, Caitlin was her biggest cheerleader. Where Caitlin and Killer Frost have been the subject of many of my WTF moments this season, I had no reason to question anything that happened with her on screen Tuesday night. As without Iris, the team could not have functioned properly without Caitlin. They looked to her to explain many of the physiological elements of what they were facing and the Caitlin Snow who answered is the one I recognized.
I’m not one for believing that television writers often cater to their viewers. They have a vision of the story they want to tell, and they tell it. However, when a story isn’t working, and the viewers are vocal about it some change may be inevitable. I hope that Caitlin Snow’s turn this week is one of those instances. It was really nice to have her back and to watch her genuinely have Iris'.

Barry and Iris

Oh, these two. I’ll get to the sweetness in a minute, but Run, Iris, Run definitely gave their relationship a degree of depth that should keep them off the counseling couch for a while. Trading places gave Barry and Iris a chance to experience the extreme highs and lows of their better half’s day. Barry pouting and being annoyed by the whoosing was hilarious, while Iris running and falling off the treadmill in early Barry fashion was cute. The true test of their bond was Iris running into the fire. Barry got to feel the utter helplessness that Iris surely does when he heard her being pinned under the falling debris. There was nothing he could do but call out to her, and the weight of the moment was too much for him to handle alone. As the true Flash everyone still looked to him, but he was flustered and out of options. Cisco saving the day was a nice touch, but it underscored just how powerful it is to have an assisting and encouraging voice in your ear. When Iris suited up the second time, Barry was ready to give Iris the support and technical advice she needed to save the city. Thank goodness.

Iris running into danger with no thought for her own safety gave her a firsthand look at the sacrifices Barry makes every day. She ran into the fiery building and head on to face the bad guys without a second thought to the peril it put her in. Barry does that all the time for people he doesn’t know. His selflessness is one of the reasons he is a true hero; Iris’ stint as the Flash made her realize that her brand of heroism is different from Barry’s but just as important.

Their scene at the loft solidifies why they are “The Flash”. Iris’ explanation for not keeping Barry’s power was even simpler than she put it.
LOVE. Yes, he is the one true Flash for Central City, but love is why she returned his powers. When Barry has confessed that he feels he has lost everything, would she ever take that away from him? I think not. She loves Barry; she knows that being The Flash makes him happy and is the version of himself that he longs to be. In turn, Barry’s true love for Iris is why he would let her keep his powers if she had wished to have them, but she knows shining public light on darkness in the city and heaping praise on the masked man that protects it is her destiny. Their bond is what will ultimately save Central City- I think we can count on that.

Things I was Thinking as I Watched:

*Barry Allen personifies the word smitten when he gazes at Iris. Look up the word and there will be a picture of Barry Allen smizing. Grant Gustin with those gorgeous greens- I cannot!

*Does anyone else smell the return of the Reverse Flash? Just watch the episode again- the word reverse got thrown around quite a bit…. Harry was also looking and sounding pretty Eobardlike in that close-up scene at the end. I might be getting ahead of myself and trippy here, but what if the Thinking Cap wacks Harry out and he slowly becomes the version of the Reverse Flash that Barry faces in 2024!!!! Continuing to help Team Flash, learning Barry’s every move again- I am wigging out here. Let me stop.

* Ralph got on my first and last nerves! He just became a part of the team so he needs to shut it and he was coming for Iris waaay too much for my liking. He was a cop at one point so why was he acting like such a baby??

*So glad to see Joe back in the mix, but I won’t be surprised if he isn’t there much longer. Barry and Iris are good and grown now. (Tears)

*Did I say I really loved Caitlin in this episode? I did!!!

*I adored Matthew Kim.

*Cisco’s Friday (the 13th) tee-shirt- where can I get one?

The Flash will be back with a new episode on April 10th.

What did you think of Run, Iris, Run? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading!

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