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The Flash - Enter Flashtime - Reviews

Enter Flashtime featured a dope superhero concept of time, put some much-needed meat on the bones of Earth- 2 Harry Wells and the tumultuous relationship with his daughter Jesse, while also seeming to bring Barry and Iris’s relationship to each other and to the mystical Speed Force full circle. Not gonna lie, most of this review will be total swooning over Barry and Iris so if you want out, now is probably a good time to bail.

Team Flash

If you keep track of The Flash on social media, there’s lots of talk about an OTF or Original Team Flash. It often has undertones of disdain for Iris or any other character who dares step foot in S.T.A.R. Labs without powers or a degree in some branch of STEM. Forget that Harrison Wells wasn’t really Harrison Wells or that Caitlin turned into a traitorous killer, but hey?

Enter Flashtime brought back The Crimson Comet and Jesse Quick to help Flash save Central City. (Why Wally couldn’t be there for this, I will never ever ever understand, but hey again?) Even with all their Flash powers, those three couldn’t stop the explosion. It took the work of Barry and everyone he has called a friend to stop the utter destruction of the city. Barry’s speed created Flashtime, Cisco broke down what the bomb was truly made of and what it would do (and of course coined the name Flashtime), Harry told Barry that he should open a portal to the Speed Force himself (the throwing the bomb in there thing probably wasn’t the best idea though) Jay thought of cooling it down, Caitlin cooled it some and almost destroyed the reactor, Jesse thought of offsetting the reaction with the power of lightning, and Iris remembered where to find the most powerful lightning bolt anyone had ever seen. This was Team Flash at work; We learned Team Flash is not so much a fixed set of particular people, but people working with The Flash to solve problems for the good of humanity.

Harry and Jesse
Earth-2 Harry Wells and Jesse have never seemed to have a close relationship. Sure they love each other, but there has always been a heavy amount of tension between them. This episode gave us the back story we didn’t even know we wanted. Harry, who is never at a loss for words, wouldn’t admit to Jesse that he was filled with pain and sadness over the loss of his wife. I love that he stayed true to character by not verbalizing his pain, but that he found a way to communicate with her through technology, which is the language he speaks best. This story arc for Harry is continuing to build from the episode that featured his growing friendship with Cecile. Let’s hope it doesn’t stop just yet and that Jesse comes around more often.

Barry and Iris
Barry: I love you Iris. I loved you before I even knew what love meant.
Barry: You know why I wasn’t afraid- because you were there. Having you there is how I could stand up to Grodd. Without you there wouldn’t be the Flash.
Iris: You’ve always had someone to come home to. Me.
Iris: Wherever you need to go, whatever you need to do, do it. And when you get back I’ll be here. I love you Barry.
Iris: In my mind, wherever you go, you’ll always be Barry and I’ll always be Iris. And we always find each other.
Iris and Barry: We’re The Flash.
Barry: You’re my lightning rod, Iris.
Iris and Barry: We’re The Flash.

The timeless love story of Barry and Iris comes to life because of the amazing and emotion wrought acting of Candice Patton and Grant Gustin. Even if you somehow believe that these two don’t have chemistry on screen (I don’t see how that’s possible),Barry and Iris are undeniably special characters; Tuesday night gave us more reasons to love how much they love each other.

Enter Flashtime left no doubt about its endgame for the Allens. When all was lost, Barry agonized over bringing Joe into Flashtime to say goodbye, but he chose to save what bit of speed and energy he had left for Iris. Joe means the world to Barry, and it was obvious that the choice he made was gut-wrenching, but he made it nevertheless. Out of breath and shaken, Barry was given a moment of clarity through Iris’s love and steady nature. Just as he would guide the lightning bolts from the storm to the reactor, Iris served as Barry’s guide to the idea in the first place, thus the "Iris as a lightning rod theory" was fully realized.

From best friends forever to husband and wife, Barry and Iris’s journey to “We’re The Flash” should not come as a shock. They have always been a home to one another, and its foundation was constructed by show creators very early. In addition to true love, sparks of Speed Force energy have coursed through the veins of West-Allen’s relationship from the beginning. Iris is not a speedster, yet the power of their love allows her to experience the Speed Force with Barry in a way that no other human has. What did people think it meant when Iris was shocked by a tiny current of electricity as she touched Barry in his coma? Or when he touched her hand on the bridge before racing off to chase Reverse Flash? Or better yet, when the thought of losing her brought him out of his Speed Force trance? If you’re still not sure, think about their connection across the multiverse and throughout time. Every version of Barry and Iris is drawn together somehow. I could go on and on, but I think you get it- They Are The Flash.

Things I was Thinking As I Watched:

*Todd Helbing and Sterling Gates did the damn thang!

*We Are The Flash is here to stay.

*Mystery girl- Dawn Allen. Why so sinister??

*Joe needs some more lines. I miss him.

*We were robbed of Wally in this episode.

*Cisco's "I'm taking 5" through clenched teeth had me dying.

*If they show Barry die in this series, I’m gonna flat-line from the emotions!

Enter Flashtime was a hell of an episode. Can’t wait to see what next week has to offer with Run Iris Run.

What did you think of last night’s episode? Sound off in the comments below. Oh, and if you are a West-Allen fan, tweet me your favorite Barry and Iris professions of love quotes. @NaomiAnna_

You can catch The Flash on Tuesdays on the CW at 8/7 Central.


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