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FBI: Most Wanted - Succession - Review

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Last week’s episode opened with an armed robbery in the Diamond District in New York City, leaving three dead - two armed guards and one assailant. The team interviews the owner of the jewelry store and he seems suspicious as he’s reported an exact amount of income to evade taxes and recently increased his insurance policy.

The team is led to believe it’s a cartel job and Kristin and Ray track down one of the suspects, Chato Flores. While at his residence, they find a young woman, Elena, hiding under the bed with wounds across her back. During her questioning of Elena, Kristin learns that she was trafficked into the country and believes that it’s tied to the man that actually tortured her from her days in Miami. Kristin was on an undercover mission when the FBI raided the boat and her attacker, Oscar Zamora, escaped. In a raw and emotional moment, Kristin actually lifts up the back of her shirt to reveal the matching back scars. Remy checks in with her to make sure she’s doing okay, and the team embarks on the search for Oscar.

It all begins to unravel as the unit meets up with his family members. Oscar’s dad, Rafael, the cartel’s boss, is killed under DEA custody. Kristin then agrees to meet with his sister, Lucia, who she has a connection to from her undercover mission. Lucia is scared of her brother because she betrayed their family by befriending Kristin and he might try to kill her as well. During the meet, shots are fired from a roof and Ray attempts to track the shooter down, but he flees the scene in a car. To avoid anything further going south, Lucia and Elena are moved to a safe house.
Now, the team moves onto the other Zamora brother, Manuel, who is currently at an art auction. Remy and Kristin go undercover and eventually find Manuel, only to learn that he doesn’t know where his brother is. However, Manuel lied to them as we see him meet up with his brother in the back of a car. Simultaneously at the safe house, Lucia passes out and she’s rushed to the hospital where it’s revealed she was roofied.

Throughout the entire case, everyone has been mentioning Christmas. What is this? An event, a delivery, something else? It is finally revealed to be a delivery of 500 kgs of cocaine, heroin, and fentanyl arriving later that night.

The entire unit shows up on the boat and Kristin eventually tracks down Oscar. She throws him a pair of handcuffs and just when she thinks it’s all over, he puts her into a chokehold and they toss each other back and forth. Finally, she breaks free and kills him with a wire. It only took five years, but Oscar Zamora can no longer hurt Kristin or anyone else.

Remy and Kristin share a conversation in the car on the drive away from the scene and she opens up to him about how her cover was blown back in Miami. Why am I getting a romantic relationship vibe between these two? I really hope that’s not the direction they’re going in, but they are definitely getting more personal scenes together compared to the rest of the characters.

The episode is then brought full circle as Kristin ends up at a tattoo shop, something her daughter was pushing her towards at the beginning of the hour. Maybe covering up her scars and knowing that Oscar is dead can help her get some closure and move on a bit from that part of her life.

I enjoyed the episode, but I thought we would dive more into Kristin’s past and her trauma and I feel like they barely scratched the surface. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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