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A Million Little Things - Father’s Day & The Salesman - Review

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These last two episodes included the first Father’s Day celebration for Gary, the return of Delilah, and flashbacks with Jon. I’m still not very pleased with this final season as I feel that it’s dragging with nothing really happening and a lot of repetitiveness and they’re setting us up for something big to drop at the very end, but we’ll see.

Gary and Maggie - Gary has a dream about his dad involving real events from the night after the incident with Peter and Maggie is convinced his dad is trying to send him a sign. Gary is trying to navigate the day as his first one without his dad, so Maggie calls Danny to help cheer him up. The two go out to breakfast and end up running into Christopher Lloyd, further proving Maggie’s point about Javier sending Gary a message as Taxi was a part of his earlier dream.
Maggie and Gary have their first outing with baby Javier and it’s to a cancer support group where the couple first met. Gary bonds with another male who has breast cancer while Maggie brings hope to a woman who has suffered setbacks in getting pregnant due to her chemotherapy treatments.

Katherine and Greta - The two ladies are in the midst of wedding planning with Katherine taking the lead on the seating charts. Greta goes shopping with Katherine’s mom at her request and was given strict instructions on not to accept any money from her. But once they’re done shopping, Joo Hee presents Greta with a check for $5,000 to put towards the wedding. Katherine initially tries to give it back, but ultimately accepts the check after her mom says Greta has made her daughter the happiest she’s ever seen.

Rome and Regina - Rome and Walter tour assisted living facilities and when they come across the perfect fit, Walter tanks his chances of getting accepted. Just when Rome is out of hope, his student, Maddox, shows up with his dad and as a sign of thanks for everything Rome did for his son, Clark pulls some strings and gets Walter a spot in the best home. Rome starts to feel guilty again as the move-in was on Father’s Day, so he goes back to pick up his dad, but to his surprise, Walter has reunited with old friends and is enjoying his new home.

While on summer break, Rome helps Regina in the food truck and and stumbles across her laptop on a website for the city council. Regina sees it as just a pipedream, but Rome pushes her to run and gets her the first 9 signatures (from the friend group) that she needs and she agrees to do it.

Sophie and Tyrell - Yes, they’re officially a thing now and I love it! Sophie starts out with helping Tyrell move home from college for the summer and their road trip includes a lot of flirting and opening up about their dads. While stopping at a hotel for an overnight stay, the two move from friends to more and Sophie insists on keeping their relationship a secret. Eddie starts to catch on when Tyrell shows up with only one sock on. Sophie admits that she’s worried what will happen in the future if they break up because she doesn’t want to lose her close relationship with Regina, but Eddie helps her move past that thought. Tyrell and Sophie officially announce their relationship to Rome and Regina and that she’s going to Haiti with him over the summer to visit his mom.

Eddie and Delilah - Charlie’s short visit home turns into something unexpected as she ends up in the hospital with swelling behind her ear, requiring immediate surgery. Eddie agrees to do the surgery while Delilah is still on a plane on her way back to Boston. Of course this angers Delilah once she finally arrives and the two erupt into an argument in the hospital waiting room. The surgery is successful and Delilah apologizes to Eddie after she learns how important the surgery was to prevent further complications. While Delilah tries to convince Eddie that there is more than a friendship between him and Nicole, I feel that the show is trying to push these two back together and I’m honestly not sure how I feel about that. Eddie deserves a redemption arc with all of the work he’s been putting in and I just don’t think a relationship with Delilah does him any favors.
Delilah and the kids are preparing to say goodbye to their family home as it has sold. She has flashbacks to earlier times with Jon when they first bought the house to her continually pushing to move to France. I felt these trips down memory lane painted Jon in a bad light, but I digress. As Sophie and Danny receive invitations to Katherine and Greta’s wedding, Delilah is hurt that she also didn’t receive one. It later turns out that Theo never sent her invitation as he’s still upset about what she did to his family by having an affair with his dad and running away to France with his sister. The two have a conversation and Theo agrees to allow Delilah to come to the wedding, even though it’s not really his choice, but his mother’s. At the very end of the episode, Delilah hints that she’s lonely in France being away from everyone, so I wonder if she’ll be moving back to Boston?

A dynamic that I feel has been severely missing in this last season is the entire friend group, so I was pleased to see them all come together for one last pizza night in the Dixon family home. Hopefully this is a sign of more get-togethers to come because their friendship is the entire reason behind this show and what made me fall in love with it.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below about the last two episodes. There are only 3 episodes left of this final season.

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