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Better Call Saul - Nippy - Review

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Since the series premiere, we saw what life is like for Saul Goodman after the events of 'Breaking Bad.' Saul was right; he ended up in Omaha managing a Cinnabon. Until season five, Gene Takovic lived under the radar without anyone recognizing him from Albuquerque until Gene fainted at work and ended up in the emergency room. On his way home, Gene got into a cab where he noticed the driver had an air fresher from Albuquerque. Which sent Gene into a panic; gets out and walked home. The next day, while Gene was eating his lunch, the cab driver approached Gene, forcing him to admit that he was Saul Goodman. Gene's first instinct was to call the 'disappearer' back in Albuquerque to relocate, but at the last minute, Gene said he would handle it himself. 

 From that moment, we all wondered what Gene would do when confronting the cab driver. 'Nippy' answered that question. Written by Alison Tatlock and directed by Michelle MacLaren, 'Nippy' showed us that Saul Goodman still 'lives' inside of Gene Takovic. The plan was brilliant, more of a 'Slippin Jimmy' plan rather than a Saul Goodman but either way, it worked. 

 Gene played the long game; his plan involved the cab driver's mother, who was played by Carol Burnett, named Marion. Gene pulled out the old Jimmy McGill charm that won him over all those elderly clients of his back when he was practicing Elder Law. Of course, Marion fell into Gene's trap and invited him to stay for dinner. But the purpose of befriending Marion was more about proving to the cab driver, Jeff, that Gene knows who Jeff is. Jeff was shocked to see Gene sitting at the table with his mother. After dinner, while Gene and Jeff were outside, they had a little talk. Gene agreed to show Jeff the 'game' if he agreed they were done afterward. 

 Gene's scam took some time and planning. But in the end, it paid off. Jeff got the merchandise he needed to sell to make major money, and Gene got the leverage he needed to blackmail Jeff. Gene informed Jeff that if someday he decides that he wanted more, think again. Gene's scam involved committing serious crimes that would put Jeff away for a long time. 'Nippy' was a stand-alone episode we have never gotten before in the 'Better Call Saul' world. It gave us an inside into what Gene has been up to since he left with the 'disappearer.' But the question remains, did this scam gives Gene his 'mojo' back? Or will he continue to live life in the shadows?

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