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Better Call Saul - Saul Gone - Series Finale Review

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The series finale of Better Call Saul has aired. We finally know the fate of Saul Goodman and whether or not he atones for his sins. 'Saul Gone' was written and directed by the co-creator and the man who created Saul Goodman, Peter Gould. 
When we left Omaha, Marion had pressed her life alert, notifying the people that Saul Goodman was in her home threatening to kill her. Gene took off, and Marion followed through with the phone call to the police. Gene ran for his freedom; he grabbed his shoebox full of personal items and diamonds. The police were after Gene, from squad cars looking for him throughout the town to helicopters searching from up above. They had him corned, so what did Gene do? He jumps inside a dumpster full of gross garbage. It was not long before the police found Gene and arrested him. 
'Saul Gone' was hard for me to watch, not to mention write about it. It was not because it was a "difficult" episode but because it was the end of the 'Breaking Bad Universe,' and it was hard to face. But all good things must come to an end, and it is better to end when you are on top versus people telling you, "it's time to go." 
 Back in 2015, when it was announced that there would be a prequel to 'Breaking Bad' about the funny, quirky lawyer Saul Goodman and his Private Investigator Mike Ermantrout. I was expecting that, but Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould created a show about much more. Vince and Peter, along with the brilliant writing staff, gave the audience a group of characters that will go down as the most intelligently written characters in Television History. 

 We spent years wondering what would send Jimmy McGill over the edge to turn him into the sleazy lawyer that would suggest to Walter White send Jesse to "Belize." You know the same place Walter sent Mike. It was not Chuck's death, losing his law license, or even witnessing Howard Hamlin's death. What turned Jimmy into Saul was Kim leaving him. When Jimmy was forced to face his actions in the court of law, he used the situation to confess all his sins. Including getting Chuck's malpractice insurance revoked. Confessing what he did to Chuck was not part of Saul's crimes, but it was important for Jimmy to come completely clean. 

 Having Kim in the courtroom was vital for Jimmy. He wanted Kim to hear what he had to say. Maybe Jimmy thought that if he faced all his crimes, Kim would forgive him, even if it meant Jimmy would lose his plea agreement. So on his way back to Albuquerque, Jimmy told the Federal government officer that he had some really good information on Howard's death that involved Kim. Kim found out from a former colleague of hers from the Albuquerque courthouse, Susan Erickson, and headed back to Albuquerque. When Jimmy strutted into the courtroom, he was dressed in this Saul Goodman suit, even wanting to call by his alter ego. When Jimmy looked back at Kim after admitting to his crimes, he saw a look in her eyes that he had not seen in years. Her look made Saul Goodman disappear and bring back the beloved Jimmy McGill. 

 Jimmy gave up his seven-year sentence in exchange for a clear conscious and 87 years in prison. But with good behavior, who knows? 

 'Saul Gone' had some amazing guest stars. Each one brought helped the story of 'Saul Gone' move forward, which is not always what you see when a guest star makes a special appearance. 

 Marion, played by Carol Burnett. Marion figured out Gene was a conman from Albuquerque named Saul Goodman. Marion called the police and which led to his arrest. 

 Marie Schrader, played by Betsy Brandt. Marie showed up in Omaha to confront the lawyer that helped her former brother-in-law Walter White which led to her husband's death. Marie wanted justice for Hank's murder, and Saul Goodman was the only one left to face his crimes. So Marie wanted the harsh punishment that the law offers. 

 Bill Oakley, played by Peter Diseth. Oakley has appeared throughout the series, but for the series finale, the beloved ADA played a much bigger role. Oakley now plays for the other team. So when Saul Goodman got arrested, he called his old buddy Bill Oakley. 

Walter White, played by Bryan Cranston. After Saul and Walter called the disappear, they both had to hide behind his store. It was a moment between the two where Saul asked Walter, " what would Walter change if he had a time machine?" But really, it was about regret; what does Walter regret about his life and change? Walter said he would change selling his shares of Gray Matter, something he created back before he met Skyler. Saul, on the other hand, said he regrets a slip and fall that he did back when he lived in Chicago. This explains a lot about the person Saul has become; he cannot face his past. 

Chuck McGill, played by Michael McKean. Chuck had just become ill; Jimmy brought him his food and newspapers. The tension between the brothers was tense, different from what we saw in season one. Jimmy was frustrated with how his life was going; Chuck told him that he could always change paths. But when did Chuck ever change things in his life? 

 Better Call Saul will go down in history as the prequel that outdid all expectations. When Better Call Saul premiered, I would never have thought it would greatly impact my life. But it did, and I would not be who I am today if it weren't for the incredible people involved with the show. Thank you to everyone, but most importantly, Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould, for creating a show that will stick with me for the rest of my life.

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