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Better Call Saul - Point and Shoot - Review / Recap

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    Point and Shoot forces Jimmy and Kim to face the consequences of their actions. After Jimmy and Kim's plan went off without a hitch, they decided to celebrate with some dinner, wine, and an old movie. But what they did not plan for was something that was beyond anyone could ever imagine. The only one who could write such a heart-pounding episode was Gordon Smith, with Vince Gilligan in the director's chair, who both has a reputation for writing the episode that leaves a mark in Better Call Saul's history. 
     In the last act of Plan and Execution, Lalo lets himself into Jimmy and Kim's apartment. He calmly walks in and shoots Howard as if it were nothing. To Lalo, it was nothing but to Jimmy and Kim; they caused Howard's death. But that was only the beginning; after Lalo got Jimmy and Kim to calm down, he told them what would happen next. Jimmy had been ordered to take Lalo's car and drive it across town to a white house with a black door. Next, Jimmy was to take the gun and camera up to the door and shoot the black man who looked like a libertarian and take a clear photo of the man dead. Without hesitation, Jimmy told Lalo that Kim should go. Because anyone receiving a knock on their door in the middle of the night would open it for a woman rather than a man. Lalo agrees; Kim is still emotionally shocked from witnessing Howard getting shot in the head. But Jimmy told his wife she needed to get out of there, then Kim agreed, unknowing what was ahead of her. 
     After Kim left, Lalo put a gun to Jimmy's head, tied him up, and took Jimmy's car keys. Jimmy was left there tied and gaged with Howard's dead body. Jimmy was scared for his own life and terrified of what was happening to his wife. Lalo left shortly after Kim, he did not say where he was going, but we all know where he was heading; the laundry and the place have been on Lalo's mind for the entire season six. 
    When Kim arrived at the location where Lalo had sent her, it was Gus's house; there was no doubt in her mind about what she had to do, Kim needed to follow Lalo's orders, or he would kill her husband. Kim walked up to the house, knocked on the door, and pointed the gun. The scene mirrored a scene from Breaking Bad when Walter ordered Jesse to kill Gale. But this time, Mike was there to stop Kim before she pulled the trigger. Mike grabbed the gun and took Kim inside Gus's home. Kim was still terrified; she got pulled into a home full of men she had no clue who they were, except for Mike, who Kim had met earlier. Mike was unaware that Kim would show up at Gus's house. He told Kim to explain why she was there and for what reason. Kim did not know the identity of the person she was supposed to kill, only that he was black, had glasses and looked like a Liberian. So she pointed to Gus's body double as the man she was supposed to kill. Still, in the safe house, Gus calls Kim to ask her why she is here and to figure out Lalo's next move. But all Kim could tell Gus was that Jimmy was supposed to go in her place, but he talked Lalo into sending Kim instead so she could get out of the apartment. Gus knew Lalo's next move.      Mike and his goonies show up at Jimmy and Kim's apartment to find Jimmy on the floor, tied to a chair, and the damage Lalo left behind. Jimmy told Mike that Lalo left right after Kim and was unaware Lalo went. But Mike did; he sent his guys to the laundry to end the cat and mouse chase Lalo has been playing with Mike and Gus. 
     When Gus showed up at the laundry, Lalo was nowhere in sight. But that's how Lalo works; suddenly, shots are fired, and Lalo has killed Gus's men from behind. Now, Lalo has Gus right where he wants Gus, alone and on his knees. However, before Lalo can take any more actions toward Gus, Lalo needs Gus to show him around. While Lalo was in Germany, he heard about a meth superlab. A superlab would make Gus independent from the cartel and force Don Eladio to take action against Gus. 
     Point and Shoot was one of the most action-packed, heart-pounding episodes in the Breaking Bad world. Not only because of what happened to Howard and its effect on Jimmy and Kim. But the shootout between Gus and Lalo was straight out of an action movie.

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