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Dexter: New Blood - Cold Snap & Storm Of Fuck - Double Review: Dark Tendencies

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"I'm an evolving monster."

Dexter is back! And I'm so happy about it, yes, the ending was bad, but I don't know if you read the books, that is way worse, so, honestly, with a decent ending alone this time around, I would be more than happy. I have no idea why anyone would watch this without having seen the original show but I can't really say if it would be enjoyable that way. For me, listening to all the seemingly meaningless lines and knowing the truth behind them is half the fun. 

We pick up with Dexter leading a quiet life under the name Jim Lindsay, he even has a girlfriend, Angela (Julia Jones), with whom he genuinely seems to enjoy spending his time, he's been killing-sober for almost a decade with the ghost of his sister Debra for a moral compass, but things are about to change. 

The moment they said rich-asshole season was starting I knew that was gonna be a key player and the universe seems to want to tempt Dexter. He has an encounter with one of said assholes when he comes to buy a gun and his background check gets flagged, that's when Dexter learns that he killed five people in a boating accident, though his father swept it under the rug. 

He tries to stay away from the temptation but when he's having a moment with a deer, that sounds bad doesn't it? Matt Caldwell shoots the deer and, in a rage, Dexter hits him with his gun and takes him to his shed so he can be fully himself again. Though he's clearly rusty because the whole thing is pretty sloppy, which will make for a stressful time when they fully investigate.

In the middle of it all, Harrison (Jack Alcott) comes to find him and though Dexter wants to keep him away for safety reasons and tries to gaslight him at first, he eventually decides he wants to be a father to him, to be a guiding light. That's when they finally talk and Dexter learns that Hannah died of cancer three years ago and Harrison has been in the system ever since.

In the second episode, Dexter makes his best effort to make it seem like Matt fled after shooting the deer, which was actually a crime, one I'm sure he would've gotten away with, probably part of the reason why his father, Kurt Caldwell (Clancy Brown), comes in convinced that's not the case which means the search goes on.

In the meantime, Harrison is getting to know the other kids in town and Dexter, or rather, Jim, bond over parenting. I have to say I'm super interested in the story with Harrison and Dexter and what they can do with that. I loved the last chat between them, we all know Dexter is not being fully honest, but I'm sure Harrison has his secrets as well.

What I'm not so sold on is Debra, which is horrible because she was one of the things that had me the most excited, I love Jennifer Carpenter and the original Debra was one of the best characters at some point, however, this version of her in his brain is ridiculous, so over the top in everything, I just can't with her, with two episodes behind us I just hope her role is reduced, though I doubt it because they know she's a fan favorite, even if they didn't bother to keep her consistent with the character that became a fan favorite in the first place.

"I'll stay"

What did you think about these episodes, did you miss Dexter? Comment down below.

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