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The Sinner - Part I - Review: You Can't Run Away

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"It's kind of a live-and-let-live mentality around here."

A little time has gone by since the events of the last season unfolded and Ambrose is struggling to get over what happened with Jamie, though he stopped taking his antidepressants, still, he and Sonya are going strong and trying to go through it together, they go to the coastal town of Clark Harbor to get away for the summer, so she can paint and he can get a change of scenery. 

But he can't really run away from his calling and he finds himself in the middle of a new mystery, he meets a girl on his first day, they have a short conversation but she seems like just his favorite kind of person to obsess over, and there's something haunting about the actress, Alice Kremelberg, which makes her the perfect candidate. But when he sees Percy again she seems to be running away from someone and then she jumps off a cliff.

Being a witness he gets to be involved from the get-go, being an ex-detective they trust him not to be involved and when they learn of his record, the family, the Muldoons, have a great influence in the town, requests that he be involved, Harry wants to play the part of an uninterested bystander but his natural curiosity is clearly at play and Sonya even mentions she hasn't seen him so alive in a while. 

The big mystery right now is whether Percy's actually dead though I can't imagine any credible way for her to be alive. At least we get to see the actress in small flashbacks, and it seems in Ambrose's mind so she gets to be present even if she's missing. The other question is regarding the nature of the ritualistic practices that seem to be involved but right now I can't even imagine an answer that would fit this story, which worries me a bit but I will always give this show a chance to prove me wrong.

"Whatever you think it is, you're probably wrong."

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