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This Is Us - Jerry 2.0 - Review: Future + Poll

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In this episode, it was made clear that both Kevin and Madison are having doubts, Madison on whether Kevin's completely in for the long haul, and Kevin on whether he's completely in for the long haul. And I have to say, I'm not sold on Sophie being the one, but I know Madison isn't.

I have to say I love Madison and I do hope she doesn't have to endure ghosting anymore, loved that scene by the way, and I hope she finds someone that looks at her like she's the most beautiful thing in the world, something Kevin, no matter how great he is, doesn't do. And I'm glad Kate was looking out for her, I do believe that they'll remain friends no matter what.

I'm not sure what all this will come down to but I did love how they used the movie Jerry Maguire to show not only Kevin's state of mind but also Toby's and Miguel's. Though it was sad I think it was perfect the way they portrayed Toby here and I loved Miguel's words on love written in the stars, though I don't think Kevin can settle for long on something that doesn't make him feel like he's in his own Jack and Rebecca love story.

I'm sure the finale will be amazing, if only for the flashbacks to Jack and Rebecca's wedding, and I can't say whether Kevin and Madison will go through with theirs but even if they do, I don't see a long future together for them. But in any case, I'm sure it will be the best outcome for everyone in the end.

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