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This Is Us - Strangers: Part Two - Season Finale Review: Endgame + Poll

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"The most beautiful sound in all the land."

Every story finally comes to a boiling point in this season finale. We have another Big Three birthday in which we see Randall and Kevin's epic fight, we're also introduced to Hailey (Adelaide Kane), and we learn who's the mother of Kevin's twins. We're also introduced to Eli (Josh Hamilton), and his daughter Sadie (Glory Rose). It's not fully clear how they fit into the story yet, and though Dan Fogelman said this might be related to Dr. K., I just can't see how, right now. Maybe Eli's Dr. K. son-in-law? I have no idea.

My theory is that Eli and Maddison will fall in love, hereby giving her a happy ending while Kevin still searches for his. I love Maddison but I just don't think she's endgame for him. The only reason this would truly make sense is if this fulfills Kevin's desire to be a father and leaves the future open for either Sophie or Cassidy to be his wife. Especially Cassidy since she didn't want any more kids and this would be a different scenario for them than there was before, especially if she has the time to fully get over her ex-husband.

The only thing I hope is that we get to see Nicky's love story and it has nothing to do with Cassidy, I don't know why my mind went there, but please, no. I hope Cassidy either ends up with Kevin or making it work with her ex since she also deserves some happiness. And as for the new characters, I still couldn't care less about Malik, and I have never cared too much about JD's adult life either, but the addition of Adelaide Kane makes me actually want to see a little more about this time. Speaking of which, I loved the moment when Toby and Kate decided to adopt, I just hope this is not the end of the road for them because I just love them too much.

And even though it doesn't advance the narrative much, everything we get of Jack and Rebecca is appreciated, especially since this also comes with a visit from Dr. K. They're both confused about how to grieve Kyle one year after the kids are born and they go to their favorite Doctor for advice once more. He says the key is taking the good with the bad, and though this is not news to anyone, I don't hate seeing these three actors on my screen.

Before the birthday party, Beth voices everyone's concerns when she tells Randall Rebecca had made her mind up and the methods he used to get her to go to Saint Louis are iffy, and that's an understatement. When they get to the house, Rebecca announces she changed her mind, knowing the truth will create a rift between Randall and Kevin, and she's right. Kevin knows something's off and when he learns the truth the tension comes to a breaking point.

They truly go at it and they both say unforgivable stuff, it's hard to remember but these two haven't been the best of brothers through the Pearson history, and all that resentment shows at this moment, with some of the things they say it feels like they weren't even being honest, they were just trying to push each others buttons, and it definitely worked. Kevin says he has no idea where this protector of the family" idea came from but if he'd been there that day he would've walked through fire to get Jack out of there, but Randall says he wasn't there and their dad actually died ashamed of him.

He goes in for the kill saying he'll never be like Jack and him because he can't really care about anyone but himself, and every time it looks like he does it's just a bad performance, like all of his other performances. And Kevin replies he used to think the worst thing that had ever happened to him was Jack dying but it's actually Randall coming into the family. The moment Randall left you can see Kevin realized he's gone too far, but I'm assuming the rift is because they're both too proud to fix their relationship anytime soon.

"Nothing but blue skies from now on."

What do you think about thie finale? What are your theories for the future? I look forward to your comments and I leave you with the poll.

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