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Prodigal Son - Wait & Hope - Review: To Each His Own

"Imagine a theater that only plays horror films about you."

Martin has a nightmare where he calls Malcolm his little boomerang, he says it's because he kept coming back to him when no one else did, but it's also a challenge, a way of telling him he'll always come back, no matter how much he hates him. He seems scared of losing him after that close call with the Junkyard Killer.

It seems after one favor to the administration he's getting his privileges reinstated. I have to say I was almost scared they were going to ignore this and move on but I'm glad they're showing how Martin is dealing with Malcolm almost dying since he did seem pretty shook for a psychopath.

Malcolm is finally going on vacation to Tahiti and both Jessica and Gil are over the moon about it. Gil is even driving him to the airport when they get a call over the radio and they decide to do a "quick" drive-by, though we know that's just not possible. The victim is a former District Attorney who went into the private sector.

On his arm, they see a reference to The Count of Monte Christo, meaning at least two more bodies would drop, and helping with the profile, but it turns out the body was over a pressure detecting bomb and Malcolm catches that just in time to keep it from blowing everyone else up. Everyone clears the place after Malcolm convinces them he has a plan, but the only thing he can think of is using the gun to shoot the window glass and jump through just before the bomb goes off, I'd say a very Lethal-Weapon-style exit.

Martin seems to be trying to do better by Malcolm, try to play fewer games with his head and perhaps even answer a question or two without making them a riddle. We'll see where this goes but for now, he does seem helpful when he calls the station to discuss the case, Gil makes them put the call through to the entire team which makes for some fun introductions as well.

It seems it was all related to Cal Taylor, part of an elite family who's wedding Jessica is attending. Isabella was the cook's daughter, she was with Cal when the boat she and Cal were on crashed and she died, but there was a cover-up to avoid the scandal of the fact that he was drunk and she was underage.

They catch her father roaming around the Taylor Estate and arrest him but Malcolm isn't convinced he has the sophistication to plan this revenge. The moment I heard the dad say Isabella was a genius, I knew the was the killer, a perfect Comtesse of Monte Christo, left for dead only to resurrect and take her vengeance.

He convinces Dani to take him to see his father, at first he accuses him of trying to kill him when he was a boy, like John said, but Martin refuses, so they focus on the case at hand. They get convinced that Cal is the murderer and he plans to kill his father so they crash the wedding. Cal says he loved Isabella and this is when Malcolm figures it out.

"All these old families've got skeletons in their closet."
"Yeah. Mine had twenty-three."

With a clumsy speech, Malcolm lures Isabella out, and though he tries to stop her he has to put his own body in the middle to save her target while Dani tackled her. He's seen as a hero and Jessica finally feels proud of calling him son, she even realizes how happy he actually is when he's working.

Then, Malcolm realizes Ainsley was the one who got Jessica the invite, and I have to say, it seems Ainsley's back on the background and now that I've seen how it is when she shines, I'm more than happy about it, she just feels like such a poorly developed character, I have no idea how they manage to make her so annoying.

I have to say they're really managing to make the whole case-of-the-week work, they're making them actually interesting for once, and though I still stand by the idea that there should be fewer cases than episodes during the season, I'm content with what they're doing now.

"Killing people is not easy, believe you me."

What did you think about this episode? I look forward to your comments.

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