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2019 Character Cup - Finale

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The 2019 Character Cup has almost reached its end. After almost 400 character nominations and 64 contestants, we’re down to the final two: Temo Lopez and Jake Peralta. That means that a new show will crown its character, as Ben Linus (LOST), Sam Winchester (Supernatural), and Chloe Decker (Lucifer) are now out of the contest. To get here, Temo had to defeat Aris Corcega, Lorelai Gilmore, Villanelle, Sam Winchester, and Leo Fitz. For Jake, it was Marty Deeks, Magnus Bane, Clarke Griffin, Raymond Reddington, and Chloe Decker. Unlike previous Cups, both have struggled along the way with Temo getting 56% and 51% in two polls to advance. Jake’s were even closer with over half of his wins at 51%. Today should be another close one. Woo hoo!

Over in the prediction contest, things are also in a dead heat with Rn and Luana tied for first place. Today’s competition will determine whether Rn will take the lead and thus, the contest. Congratulations to both of you for your excellent predicting. Before voting commences, please look at and comment on today’s TV Talk Topic, even if you have not before. I need some feedback on what direction the Cup should go next year. Thanks! And now, let the finale begin. Good luck and happy voting!

Note: There is a third place poll for Leo Fitz and Chloe Decker. This will only determine which one is ranked #3 and which one is ranked #4.

Round 1A / Round 1B / Round 1C / Round 1D
Round 2A / Round 2B
Sweet Sixteen / Elite Eight / Final Four

TV Talk Topic:

TV Talk Topic: Character Cup Wrap Up

In 2014, when I restarted the Character Cup, the last TV Talk Topic was a review of the Cup itself. While we’ve gotten away from that in recent years, 6 years later, the Cup has changed and I’d like to revisit it. So I apologize for those who expected to talk TV today, but feel free to create your own discussion topic if you’d like.

Questions -
1. This is the first year that the prediction contest leaderboard and the brackets were posted daily at the bottom. Do you like them there or would you rather they be posted on the stats page? Did it make the page too long or bulky for those viewing on phones or other devices?

2. My favorite part of the Cup are the TV topics so that won’t change. However, I would like feedback. I know people, including me, found some topics to be too broad or time-intensive. Would you prefer topics to be narrow (have just 1 or 2 questions) or broad (multiple questions)? We also had several topic suggestions that were done in the last 2 years. How do feel about repeating topics? What would make the topics more engaging?

3. Both the prediction contest and the voting numbers were down this year. Should we continue to keep the prediction contest?

4. I purposely do not allow the vote percentage to be seen before people vote so as to not influence how people vote. However, that means that if you check the contest from a different device, you can not see the results until the polls are closed. Should we continue to keep the percentage blocked before voting or allow people to see it beforehand?

5. This is the first time in the Cup’s history that we’ve had a non-English speaking competitor. It’s also the first time that almost 10% of shows represented are not officially covered by SpoilerTV. These shows include: A Discovery of Witches, Like La Leyenda, Schitt’s Creek, Peaky Blinders, Mi Marido Tiene Más Familia, and El Corazón Nunca Se Equivoca. When this happened with POTM, it was decided to focus more on shows that SpoilerTV covered. Do you think that the Cup should only include official SpoilerTV-covered shows or should it remain open to all fandoms? What are the advantages and disadvantages of both?

6. How can we engage more people in the Character Cup next year?  What, besides your favorites winning, would make the Cup better?

Prediction Contest Leaderboard and Brackets:

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