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2019 Character Cup - Final Four

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Talk about a nailbiter! Of 8 polls, 5 of them ended with a 1% difference including ALL of Character Cup polls and 1 of the mini-contest polls. That has never happened before! Just goes to show you how close this contest really is. It truly is anyone’s game. Today decides which 2 characters and which 2 shows will be in the finals so pass the word and remember that it is, as always, one vote per person per poll. In the prediction contest, more congratulations to Luana who retains the lead for 3 days in a row with 41 points. The only person who can possibly beat that now is Rn, who has 40 points. Today’s first poll will determine if they go into the finals tied or not. It should be a great contest today, so vote your choice, pass the word, and, as always, happy voting!

Round 1A / Round 1B / Round 1C / Round 1D
Round 2A / Round 2B
Sweet Sixteen
Elite Eight

TV Talk Topic:

TV Talk Topic: So Much Streaming, So Few Dollars

Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, CBS All Access, HBO MAX, DC Universe, SlingTV, YouTube TV, Roku, Sony Vu, Disney+, cable apps….the list goes on and on. The rise of specialty TV streaming platforms is changing how we view TV. How do you feel about streaming TV? Are streaming networks (Amazon/Netflix/Hulu) taking over broadcast and cable network? What services do you subscribe to or would you recommend? Do you keep the same service or go back and forth between platforms? What are your must-see streaming shows for a specific platform?

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