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2023 Character Cup - Round 1D

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Today we have the last set of polls for round 1. So far it has been a pretty even Cup, with only a handful of blowouts and one tight race. The round 1C polls are still open for another hour if you still need to vote in them. So far, the following characters have made it to round 2: Rebecca Pearson (second highest votes), Jessica Knight, Dexter Morgan, Marty Deeks, Demetri Alexopoulos, Allie Marjan, Jax Teller, Hailey Upton, Charlie Nicoletti, Ted Lasso, EZ Reyes, Juliet Higgins, Sister Beatrice (highest votes), Samantha Maroun, Nancy Drew, and Lucy Tara. Hopefully, some of your favorites are still in there. If not, nominations for the mini-contest start tomorrow and we always have the TV Talk Topic.

If you’re just joining us for this year’s Cup, please read the rules. Otherwise, happy voting!

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Round will end at approximately 10:00 am CST on June 22. .

Character Cup Rules:

1. Don't take it too seriously! Have fun. Discuss. Play nice.

2. Cheaters suck! - Only one vote per person per poll please. While we do our best to keep the contest running smoothly, it's up to each person to follow the rules. The Cup is just a fun little piece of internet fluff. It won't get anyone's show renewed or un-cancelled. It has zero effect on ratings, so there is zero reason to cheat. All cheaters do is disrespect themselves, their fandom, their show, the actors, and this community. Just don't.

3. Focus on characters, not people. Talking about what you like and dislike about a character is encouraged. Going after actors or fans is not.

4. The aliens have not landed. There's no conspiracy here. I will do my best to keep the contest running smoothly, but I make mistakes. I apologize in advance for any technical difficulties, spelling errors, and general absentmindedness. Let me know and I'll fix it.

5. Comments are life. As you anxiously await the end of hiatus, why not distract yourself with a little TV Talk? Each day is a new topic so even if your favorites are out, you can still discuss. While the Cup is just a silly little distraction, the conversation here dives deep, so jump on in.

6. Nuts and Bolts - All polls are active for around 24 hours. Winners advance to the next round. In the case of a tie, both characters go to the next round. New polls should go up every day and polls may overlap each other. Any questions? Ask away in the comments.

TV Talk Topic: TV Attention Span  

It seems like the world’s attention span is shrinking as social media expands. Has this affected your TV watching? What shows or types of shows do you give your full focus to? What shows or types of shows do you use more as background noise while working or multitasking? (Thanks to chocolatechipwafflcake for the topic suggestion.)

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