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Cloak & Dagger - Two Player - Review: "No More Grey Area"

This episode felt like a transitional episode. Several of the story threads and characters were moved into position for the next phase of the story.

Apparently Adina didn’t stop at finding out where her oldest son, Billy, is buried. (Was this a change made for season 2? I don’t remember there being a question about his body in season one.)

I know how dangerous a mother protecting her children can be, but I honestly did not expect the show to go as far as having her kill Connors. When I saw the Dexter set up, I knew the guy was dead.

I feel kind of bad for Father Delgado. I’m glad he’s stopped drinking, but would his testimony actually stand up in court?

Actually, he really shouldn’t take Adina’s file to the police; too much corruption. He should go to the papers. But at least there’s the hope that Ty will be able to walk the streets.

Brigid and Mayhem finally take the time to talk to each other. Brigid points out that Mayhem’s anger blinds her to other aspects of the world.

Brigid’s figured out that they need to be a whole if they’re going to accomplish anything. They make a deal, Mayhem will drive, but agrees to listen to Brigid.

Glad to hear this, because I think they’re going to be required to stop Andre Deschaine.

After escaping the hotel, Andre and Lia are on the run. Andre’s migraines nearly incapacitate him, so he “asks” Lia for a little help, just so he can get them to safety.

Being the charming upstanding guy he is…Andre sucks her dry and leaves her body by the side of the road.

The really bad thing....? He figures out something important about his veve.

Will they be able to stop him before he becomes a loa? If not, can he be stopped after he becomes one?

That record was indeed playing Chantelle’s heartbeat. Chantelle is dead. Consequently, Evita’s story had the biggest impact this week.

When she finally makes contact with her aunt to ask for help saving Ty, Evita discovers that there’s only one way.

She has to make a choice, give up her dreams and her relationship with Ty to become a mambo, or go to college, medical school, maybe have a family. To save Ty, she chooses to take her aunt’s place.

It was kind of cool that Evita was able to have her aunt present during the ceremony.

The scarf she was wearing as they were taking away Chantelle’s body was good and bad.

The affectation was perfect for a teenager who just took a major step into the adult world.

The need for the world to see the evidence of that step is natural for someone that young. But…it made me chuckle when I saw it.

The problem I had with the episode was that Evita’s choice ended up underlining the fact that Tandy and Ty’s story accomplished nothing.

Tandy was able to get Ty back to the church before the police showed up at the hotel. Luckily, Tandy’s been paying attention. She realizes that Evita is the key to getting Ty the help he needs. Tandy’s also able to provide Evita with the information she needed to be able to send Tandy after Ty.

Ty and Tandy are stuck playing a video game. It was more active than just having them stand in the arcade arguing with each other.

Neither Ty nor Tandy had any emotional movement in their stories and theoretically, that was the whole purpose of Tandy going in after him; to bring Ty to a realization that would convince him to return to the world. But, because of Evita’s choice, Ty never made a decision.

When they hit the Boss Level, I assumed it was to force Tandy to face her trauma, but they stopped the story before Tandy dealt with her issues.

The focus on the secondary characters was a nice change of pace. It also felt like it was setting us up for the next phase of the story, namely stopping D’spayre.

I do hope that we’ll be seeing more of Evita though. She and Tandy had great screen chemistry while trying to figure out what was happening to Ty.

I do wish that, at the very least, Ty and Tandy had made some breakthroughs with their personal issues. I think the writer missed the opportunity there. It was still a great episode for me. What did you think about the episode?

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