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Nancy Drew - The Heartbreak of Truth - Review

This was the first episode that felt like the writers were aware that this is the final season. Several characters got moments that felt like ‘final episode setup’.

George got into an undergrad JD program in Washington State. The first sign the gang was going to split up at the end of the series.

Carson, left to wait on Jean’s decision, talked to Nancy and Ryan about what his future might be. He seems excited.

Ryan and Red, his fellow artifact tracker, talked about the future. There weren’t any surprises in this sequence.

Ryan made the choices that befitted his journey over the last four seasons.

She suggested stealing the Glasses stash and hitting the road. It never occurred to me that he’d take her up on that offer.

Being Nancy’s dad means too much to him. Unfortunately, that predictability made the sequence feel a little unnecessary to me.


I was kind of disturbed by the question of George and Nick selling The Claw. I hope she changes her mind and doesn’t sell it.

I think it’s a huge mistake. The Claw is doing well. (They’ve actually hired real employees!)

This type of ownership, aka generational wealth, is difficult to come by and selling it when it’s doing so well, seems a little short sighted. I vote to keep it in the family.

Not to mention never believe someone offering to buy something that’s dear to you who promises “not to change anything”. It’s always a lie.


I’m trying to figure out how someone who literally just moved to town is cancelling town events that have been in place for decades, and Bess is the only person complaining?

Lots of townspeople showed up for her impromptu replacement, but how did that get past the populace without calls for the new sheriff to be run out of town?

In the real world, there would have been a public town hall meeting.

It isn’t a big deal, but you know me, these little things pop me out of the story for a moment.


I know there are those of you who are rooting for Nancy and Ace to find a way to be together before the end of the series.

It’s only one of the storylines that had me wondering when the showrunner was informed this would be the series’ last season.

With regard to Nancy and Ace, over the last few episodes it feels like they were going to exit the season apart and, perhaps, get back together in season five.

I mention this because of Ace’s reaction to Nancy calling The Sin Eater.

Nancy has always been like a dog with a bone. The bone in this situation is the question of why she would call The Sin Eater.

The events we witnessed in “The Crooked Bannister” were modified after Nancy called The Sin Eater. During that episode we saw the version of what happened the night that Ghost died that Ace remembers.

In actuality, when Ace dropped the jar into the ocean the wave were more intense.

The sudden rough seas caused a fire in the cabin. Alice was trapped, but Ace’s father was tossed into the ocean.

Ace had to make a choice between his father and a stranger, Alice Palermo, the captain of the chartered boat.

Ace chose his father, which meant Alice burned to death.

Nancy decided to call The Sin Eater so that Ace could escape the pain and guilt about what happened to Alice.

Alice was fairly calm when she remembered what happened to her. She wasn’t angry with Ace. She never lashed out. She simply moved on. When Ace remembers what happened, he is furious with Nancy for making such a decision for him.

This felt like the final nail in the coffin of that relationship.

If the series had another season, perhaps forgiveness would have been possible as well as finding a way to remove the curse. But we’re only one episode out from the finale.

I could be wrong, but I don’t think there’s a way to tie up the Nancy/Ace story in a single episode.


The realization that Callie is preparing to kill Tristan in order to force The Sin Eater’s soul to move to a new person, thus continuing its work undisturbed, gives the Drew Crew a more immediate task.

They realize that, unlike Tristan’s parents, they know how the ritual works and can use that information to save Tristan..

They realize the key is the screaming mummy. The “Mother of Monsters” who, it turns out, was yet another innocent victim of the founders of Horseshoe Bay.

Tristan and the Drew Crew free the screaming mummy.

They can’t keep Tristian from being The Sin Eater, but no one can call them again.

Perhaps Tristan can live a normal life.

Callie’s vengeance was unexpected but, at the same time, exactly the revenge Callie would if she wanted to wrap havoc in Sunnydale.

Looks like chaos will rule the finale.

Rating: 8

Bess’ arch enemy Callie Farquar, proves that revenge can lead to chaos. I am looking forward to the series finale.


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