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Grey`s Anatomy - Jump Into The Fog - Review: "Uneventful but Still Intrigued" + POLL

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Grey`s Anatomy wrapped its 15th season with a decent outing, playing mostly safe for the 60 minutes of air time they got tonight. The episode did feature some emotional highlights but at the end of it, I wasn`t sure if actually stuff went down. The finale, “Jump into the Fog”, was written by Krista Vernoff and directed by Debbie Allen.

So I will start this review talking about the stuff I enjoyed during this outing. First and foremost Amelia Shepard. The separation from Owen really gave her the spotlight she deserved and which was even more highlighted by Cat Scorsone`s performance. Amelia is refreshing, unbalanced and just sarcastic enough to keep all of SGMH up on their feet. Amelia maybe doesn`t really know what she wants in life at the moment but she knows what she doesn`t want and that is probably even more important. She doesn`t want a man who is in love with another woman, she doesn`t want a man who never will completely be hers, so she doesn`t want Owen and I couldn't be happier about it. Amelia`s "thing" with Link felt good and worked very well for Amelia. I respected her choice to be alone and not drag Link along. She appreciated him enough to not pull him by his nose. I expect the writers to explore them more in season 16 and so be it.

The second story that majorly worked was Jo. Last week, Mer pushed Jo out of her down spiral, let the world stop for a moment and let her feel secure and not judged. This leads to Jo excepting her past more and realizing she needs help. Jo accepting help and opening up to Alex are major steps in the right direction. The show being open to Jo asking for help without any judgment is another positive image this show sends. One session won`t heal Jo, one session won`t change anything and I am not expecting to have a Jo-Therapist session every week in season 16, yet I appreciate they acknowledged Jo needed help.

Another highlight of this episode is newly promoted series regular Jake Borelli as Levi Schmidt. Schmitt helped the Golden Goose get to SGMH with all her precious blood. Seeing how Levi accepted all his weirdness and uses it to his advantage and to help his patients is just phenomenal. He is just a pure and genuine soul. My heart busted with proud when he confronted Nico about the way he was treating him. The scene in the basement was beyond sweet. Some that hot as Nico being in a basement with this nerdy soul felt right and awkward in the best possible way.

The way the writers ended last week`s episode I expected for them to work a bit more through Insurance scandal. It was pretty uneventful and Mer saying I love you to DeLuca felt just forced. While I do acknowledge the chemistry between DeLuca and Mer they are writing them a bit too cheesy for my taste. They can do that much better. Where is the epicness behind the "I love U"? The show delivered so many powerful romantic moments that this just felt empty. Remember Mer letting Derek rot in prison in the season 7 premiere that was even more romantic and emotional.
Bailey firing Richard, Alex, and Mer without blinking was a stunner. A true surprising moment of the finale. Not sure where they intend to go with this story but if they are honestly going there make it worth our time. I understand the message they want to send with the way the USA is making new laws and demolishing everything that the prior government did. Just if you go there do it right, don`t waste our time for a story you will wrap in 3 episodes.

The MerLuca drama wasn`t the only relationship drama we witnessed in the final hour of season 15. Maggie and Jackson didn`t explode only on our nerves they hit every single spot on their nerves, as well. It was truly tedious watching the two go at each other, still, the writers were at least honest to the characters but brought out a really out of character argument up. Maggie money shaming Jackson was beyond unnecessary. Yes, Jackson is a little privileged boy but he is a decent honest man who worked his but of to become one of the best plastic surgeons out there. A bit of nepotism helped him but he proved he is worthy. Maggie`s points where clear exaggerations and coming more from here uncertainties. Its a shame the writers went to kill their relationship with this move. I am not here for the angst. Jackson`s disappearing got me intrigued. The writers could go for multiple routes here. Mugging, racial background, spoiled Jackson, accident or all of the above. We shall see where the fog took Jackson.

Last but not least I wish a very warm welcome to Allison Altman Hunt. Teddy giving birth to her baby girl was a beautiful moment. Owen proclaiming his love very sweet but was I the only one getting a washed out feeling out of it? Do we really believe Owen? The writers seemingly are heading down this road and I wish Teddy to have this little beautiful family with Owen, Leo, and Allison but she and Owen didn`t really change much. They are still those same pride-ridden stubborn individuals not really able to compromise and settle. My heart went out to Tom who was preparing the apartment without even getting a call from Teddy. It felt very out of character for Teddy. She cares a lot more for people and their emotions.

That is a wrap on season 15 of your favorite medical drama guys. Thanks for reading and commenting throughout the season. It`s your time to shine now. Vote in the Poll below and share your thoughts in the comment section. Excited to hear your thoughts.

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