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Nancy Drew - The Web of Yesterdays - Review: "Put the I in NDI"

This week was kind of fun, despite the fact that it didn’t provide any movement on the arc story.

That said, Nancy’s talk at Keene High School was painful to watch.

When she tossed out her new catch phrase, I cringed. Poor thing.

Never fear, the hunky lobsterman/“Seafaring Adventurer”, Tristin, was there to take her mind off her embarrassment…just before the two got dropped into a precisely detailed replica of a bunch of kids decorating the gym for their 1972 prom.

When all was said and done, Bess got her wish. Nancy went on her first date since heartbreak.

The answer to what the heck was happening lead to something so bizarre that I can’t help but think the writers discovered in some article, somewhere, that some massively stupid teens actually “did” spider eggs to get high.

Seriously? Why would anyone do that?

There have been creepy monsters, disturbing people (Temperance?), but nothing this show has ever done grossed me out as much as that kid trying to get Nancy/Stacey to what?… swallow that spider’s egg.

The idea that anyone really did that is just so…disturbing.

That dang egg did a lot of damage.

I am taking a liking to Tristan.

Dude got dropped into 1972 and simply pointed out that this was yet another cool thing that happened to Nancy.

More importantly, he was smart enough to head straight for the rest of the Drew Crew for help when he came out of the portal without Nancy.

I loved the crew’s reaction. ‘Why didn’t you lead with 1972 prom?’

That camera is way better than the readers with just lights and beeps.

I thought the way the writers rather smoothly raised the jeopardy from being stuck in 1972 to dying a bloody painful death was nicely done.

I can’t tell you how happy I would have been if I hadn’t had to watch the ghost spider be born.

Sorry, the whole spider motif, freaked me out.

Yay for formaldehyde!

One upside about in being a ghost spider is that it didn't leave much of a mess behind.

Tristan got Nancy to have fun at the prom then, after helping rescue her, he showed up for an actual date.

This whole adventure was a nice way to get her moving forward.

The writers are still minimizing Ace’s contact with Nancy as they continue to handle the fall out of their break-up.

I actually didn’t mind Ace’s quest to catch Chunky the Ferret.

I did wonder why the morgue scene between Nancy and Ace didn’t work for me, yet I was okay with Ace’s storyline in this episode.

Thematically, it was on point with Nancy's story. Ace was trying to find his way past his heartbreak.

I’m actually glad they’re going to (I hope) let Nancy solve the case of the missing ferret.

I can’t help it. I want Nancy’s detective agency to have a perfect solve record.

I was actually waiting for more to be made of the fact the ferret is still at large during the career day presentation.

Bess received a cease and desist letter from a group called “Families for Truth in History.”

Carson determined that Bess should respond with a “measured” reply.

I could understand his advice, given Bess’ knee jerk reaction to the letter, but I agreed with George.

As Carson’s client, Bess should have read and approved that letter before it went out. I attribute that to youth and inexperience.

Someone get George’s law classes started quick. She’s dangerous.

I understood George reading the letter, but replacing it with one of her own? Without even talking to Carson? Yeesh.

One thing that had me confused was whether the doors were chained because of the cease and desist letter, or because of George’s modified response to the letter. Or did the Sheriff lock the doors after she talked to Bess a few episodes ago?

It seemed really weird to me that the door would have been locked before Bess had a chance to contest the cease and desist letter. Am I wrong? ( I know less about the law than George.)

I wasn’t surprised that Bess confessed to the B&E. I’ve grown used to these guys having each others' backs.

Hopefully, they’ll look further into the situation and determine that that chain was illegally put on the door so Bess didn't break the law.

Bess was really on top of things when it came to dealing with the Ghost Web though.

My theory that the town will officially need Bess to save their butts at the end of the season.

Weird aside for this episode: George’s hair style really reminded me of Nancy’s hair style on several covers of the Nancy Drew books circa 1972.

Ranking: 8

A prom, as only Horseshoe Bay can throw one, made for a fun break from the arc story. There’s hope that Nancy can solve a case that’s been looming since the season started. Love George’s quest for law school, but she needs to start classes soon!


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