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Nancy Drew - The Light Between Lives - Review: "Farewell"

It’s time to say good-bye to Nancy Drew, but not until the Drew Crew saves the town of Horseshoe Bay from Callie Farquar’s revenge.

Callie Farquar put on a gas mask and took off.

All over Horseshoe Bay, people are acting out slightly warped versions of a century of sins fed to The Sin Eater.

I was thrilled to see Fred, the guy I was missing in the scene where Bess uncovered the painting in the courtroom, is leading the mob looking for a witch.

Carson and Red steal stuff from all over town and stash it at The Claw. Where else would they stash it?

Carson’s stash is filled with baby stuff because he’s freaking out about becoming a father again.

Red steals travel related stuff because she doesn’t want to settle down in Horseshoe Bay.

Crammed in with all of the chaos, as usual, members of the Drew Crew deal with everyday life.

Aside: I couldn’t help it. While watching the crew arrive at the Historical Society with bandannas and scarves covering their faces, my first thought was… ‘No one had any pandemic masks lying around?’


Bess has a theory that might allow Tristan to reconsume the sins plaguing the town in one “Soul Supernova”.

Cool! Quick clean-up and we get to spend 3/4s of the episode wrapping up all of the character stories.

Ha! There are always complications.

This time it’s because Nancy and Tristan’s souls are entangled.

Bess and Tristan both assume it is because Nancy and Tristan are soulmates.

The truth is another moment that, for me, highlights how well the season’s story was crafted.

All of our questions about why the writers would bring in a new love interest for Nancy before she and Ace had even tried to break their curse were answered.

Nancy and Tristan have not been drawn to each other because he and Nancy are soulmates.

Their souls are drawn to each other because Nashua Kipp murdered one of the men who created the Sin Eater, August Pritchard.

August Pritchard is one of Nancy’s past lives. It’s vengeance that entwines Tristan’ and Nancy’s spirits, not love.

Unfortunately, Nashua’s actions were futile. Pritchard had already sent instructions for creating a Sin Eater to towns up and down the coast.

In my opinion, Nashua’s only error was in timing.

Pritchard did not deserve to live a long life and die peacefully of old age. He deserved what he got.

They find all of the pieces they need for Tristan to save the town.

Bess performs the ritual to separate Nashua Kipp’s and August Pritchard’s souls. Once the process starts, Nancy reveals that her soul will be burned when August’s is burned away because there is no way to separate them

Ace, of course, refuses to let this happen. He steps in to save Nancy, damaging his own soul to save Nancy’s.

They return to find the historical society on fire. I got kicked right out of the story when the torch came through the window and Bess just stood there.

She did nothing to try to stop the fire. Even if she’d done the wrong thing and helped it spread, it would have worked better for me than having her just stand there.

Nick’s reaction to the loss of the Historical Society felt like it was written before the writers were aware of the cancellation. It seemed a little extreme for someone headed for Atlanta.


Once the town was saved, it was time for us to say good buy to the series.

When the series started several members of the Drew Crew were stalled when many their age are taking the first steps toward “adulthood”.

It seems right that the series would end with them making that transition. Generally speaking, I was okay with this approach.

The only element I would have changed was George selling her stake in The Claw for a number of reasons.

George is off to law school.

Nick is going to work for Tom Swift’s company in Atlanta, inventing other things.

Bess is going to be searching the world for artifacts to replenish what was lost when the Historical Society was burned down.

Ace is going to become a medical examiner.

Nancy will travel the country destroying the other Sin Eaters August Pritchard helped to create.

In my review of the 3rd episode of the season, I theorized that they would come up with a way to get rid of Nancy and Ace’s curse near the end of the season.

Ace’s actions in the weave didn’t just damage Ace’s soul. It burned away Temperance’s curse.

Ace and Nancy can now have a future. Their souls won’t be reincarnated ever again, but they can live their lives together.

I did like Nancy’s comment that she found four soulmates.

I like that it implies that wherever their adventures/lives take The Drew Crew, they will remain connected.

Rating: 9

The final season was well crafted and a lot of fun. Those story elements that had me scratching my head (or complaining) were revealed to be critical to the story. All in all it was a great way to end the series.


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