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This Is Us - The Beginning is the End is the Beginning - Review: Alive +Poll

"Listen, these are tumultuous times, but I'm not running for President."

Hey all, sorry for posting this so late, I wanted to get in this review before the new episode airs, so here it goes. In this episode we saw Jack's two weeks are up but Nicky is not cooperating and he even punches his big brother, bit then Jack tells him in 48 hours he'll have to give him back and Nicky seems to soften a little. Jack takes him to the opposite shore and tells Nicky to put things in perspective, that eventually the war will be nothing but a distant memory, though knowing what we know now about its effects it feels like a dark foreshadowing. Nicky gets high again and tells Jack he doesn't think he'll be getting home.

Kevin is anxious to get all the answers but Zoe tries to manage his expectations, when they get to the Ville they learn a guy that was a kid when the war was going on agreed to meet with them, he doesn't have any useful information but his story connects to Kevin's and he tells him their fathers were fighting each other but they both would pretend to be okay for their children. Kevin feels like he's going home with nothing but then the guy tells them Nicky's name doesn't show up in the database as a casualty of the war.

The Doctor says all of Kate's studies came out okay but she wouldn't recommend driving that much for her work. Kate is worried she'll have no stress relief if she gives the Adelegrams up but then Madison has an epiphany and says she can get her a job as a chorus teacher at the high-school where she volunteers, and I have to say I've missed Madison, this interaction was just hilarious. The interview with the principal is going great until he tells her he can't hire anyone without a college degree, this bums her out but then Toby tells her this might be the perfect opportunity to finish school, and he says he knows they're scared but the fact that they don't want to even know the baby's gender won't make it hurt less if anything happens, so from now on they'll think about it with joy, and they find out they're having a boy.

Kate is worried she'll focus all her energy on the pregnancy and it won't come to term, and she wonders if that fear is the reason she and Toby didn't want to know the sex of the baby. But then Toby tells her no matter how much they prepare for it if something happens it will hurt the same and he gets her inspired for the future by telling her to go get her degree, so they decide to find out the sex of the baby, and it's a boy!

Beth has apparently left the campaign and is back to just stick to her "best wife in the world" capacity on Randall's campaign. Councilman Brown destroys him at the debate at first but then Randall drops the scrip and goes at it by heart, as usual, and he seems to win over quite a few minds. But then he gets the new that the polls show Brown way too far ahead.

Kate was worried about Tess so she told Rebecca the latest revelation, at first Tess is upset but then Rebecca tells her she always used to bottle up her feelings and it started to affect her body, so when she comes home Tess tells her parents she thinks she might like girls, but she seems still confused as it's to be expected. Beth and Randall are quite supportive and they table the talk for the moment. We also learn Deja is full on in touch with her mom and this makes Beth and Randall nervous though they agree to take Deja to see her.

Beth takes the earlier bad news and the newest revelation as as a sign Randall should drop out to focus on the family, she tries to hold him to the promise he made at the beginning but he refuses to give up, which earns him the couch, I really hope they don't break this marriage up, they are amazing together and I hope for once they're able to show a couple have issues but manage to work trough them and stay together, especially given this particular situation where I on't believe anyone did anything unforgivable. I a flash-forward it seems like Randall and Beth aren't in communication but it might just be done on purpose to confuse us, at least I hope so Beth is giving the ballerinas instructions and says it's Rebecca they're going to see. And I don't know if we can take seeing her die, but I guess we'll find out soon enough.

The episode ends with Jack looking for Nicky and then hearing a loud noise, it looks like a boat exploded and Jack runs towards it, you might think this is Nick, but then we learn Nick is still alive! Maybe this was Jack's way of getting him out, he could've easily planned it all out. I wonder what Nick as a character could bring to the present.

What did you think of the episode? I look forward to your comments and I leave you with the poll.

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