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The Sinner - Part VIII - Review: Closure

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"He had a chance to run away from all this. He made a decision to be here. Face judgement, make amends, that's more than a lot of us can say."

The second season of The Sinner has come to an end and I have to say the finale for me was a bit underwhelming, perhaps that's why it took me a bit longer to get to this review. The good thing is we got closure, but my disappointment is more about the lack of surprises, maybe it's just me but the fact that Jack raped Marin was not really that shocking, and I don't mean only in the season finale but the last couple of episodes it seemed like everything got resolved way too neatly.

The search for Julian continues as Vera takes him to the city before going somewhere new where they can start over, Julian is having doubts so he calls Ambrose for advice and he gives him the courage to tell Vera running away is not what he wants, she's scared this will mean they won't see each other anymore but Julian says he's willing to accept the consequences of his actions, this is a very good scene, especially acting-wise, these two are amazing and have been the highlight of the season.

We learn Marin died in a struggle when someone was trying to take Julian away, at first we think it's the guy in the ponytail but then Heather finds a key to the room in her father's jeans. They confront Jack but he says he can't talk in front of Heather, so he confesses to Ambrose that he raped Marin and he was giving money to Vera since Julian was the result of that rape, which by the way was disgusting.

We see Vera burn the warehouse to the ground, I wonder what happened to the rest of the Mosswood People, but the rock is still standing, which also makes me wonder what this means for the future. Ambrose helps the charges against Vera get dropped and talks in Julian's behalf at the trial which helps him in sentencing and means he'll probably be out by the time he's eighteen. The last scene is of Heather and Ambrose finally taking Julian to see Niagra Falls.

What I do find really enticing about a third season is we might get a little more of Vera, or at least I hope we do, but something tells me Harry would want to continue working with her to heal his past. Now, there might be some production issues for that to happen, but story wise I think it would be the right move, especially since they showed us what happened in that session with Vera which wasn't important enough to show unless they were thinking of using it in the future. This would be, of course, in case it gets another season, but something tells me there's a good chance it will.


Did you like the ending? Would you watch another season? Let me know in the comments.

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