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The Sinner - Part VI - Review: Guilt

"I'll tell you everything."

Ambrose is following Glenn Fisher and he realizes the prostitute he often sees has the same marks on her foot as the mental patient they met at the Deacon Psychiatric Institute, Carmen Bell. So he goes to see her but they tell him she's not allowed to have visitors and another patient tells him she got a call earlier on that got her in an altered state. He asks Brick to trace the call on the down low. It turns out the caller has been doing a pretty in-depth investigation on Ambrose including his previous cases and His mother's death and he was the one who took Carmen's deposition tape.

Julian is having an awful time in solitary, with the hooded figure creepily beside him, they apparently gave him some kind of drug to calm him down because when Vera visits him he can barely speak. So she asks Ambrose to come over and help but he has another thing in mind and he shows her the video, there, Carmen says she was recruited by Vera and The Beacon apparently raped her, that the Purple Lake is what he called the Stillwater Reservoir and it was a part of the sessions. She says one of the men at Mosswood burned her foot, probably Fisher, and then when she got pregnant is when Vera took her to Dr. Poole and he took out her entire uterus. Vera can't listen to it anymore and she wants to kick him out but then she probably realizes he's her only hope of helping Julian so she tells him to sit down so she can tell him what happened.

We see flashbacks of Vera concerned for a scratch on Bess' leg, looks like she was too good at keeping people in line and now she's the only one doubting The Beacon. He gets defensive and tries to manipulate her reminding her how wrong things went when she tried to go back home to her father. He humiliates her calling her small minded and says reward only comes with sacrifice, which by now seems a little heavy-handed, but okay. It seems like Maarin had post-partum depression and Vera took care of Julian. Vera starts speaking up more to The Beacon and he sees she's too attached to Julian so he takes the baby from her saying it won't be long now, probably for the sacrifice, so she gives him some tea.

Ambrose looks suspicious and he should be, Ver is not the most reliable narrator. She says The Beacon just left but then she says the quashing of the case was probably thanks to DA Hutchens so he goes to see him and blackmails him about his campaign finances into lowering Julian's charges so he goes back into foster care and Ambrose goes to see him, the kid seems to finally be realizing that some of the things he has been told at Mosswood might not be true and it puts his crime in perspective and he's feeling horrible about it so to distract him Ambrose confesses he was the one who burnt down his house, which is no surprise, because he was sick of being at the will of his mother's illness.

They also comb the reservoir and find a body. Heather is sure the body is Marin's and she seems to be sick of the town, and the fact that her father is acting more like a douche than ever doesn't help and definitely cements my suspicion of him. Later that night the hooded figure takes Julian. Is it me or it looked an awful lot like The Beacon? It would make a lot more sense if it was Vera though, but the bad thing is, now it will look like her just run away. In any case, things suddenly have picked up immensely and I wonder what crazy things we have coming our way in the last two episodes.

"Won't be much longer now."

What did you think about this episode? Excited about what's next? Let me know in the comments.

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