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The Sinner - Part V - Review: Sacrificial Lamb

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"We'll raise him, all of us, together."

Ambrose and Novack discover Mosswood's property was owned by a Keller family before they sold it to Lionel Jeffries, it was Glenn Fisher's family, the guy who was reenacting his anger in one of the videos from Mosswood. When they go to ask him he says it was just therapy but the whole connection, plus the discovery of Dr. Poole, makes Ambrose think there are more people connected to Mosswood in Keller, hiding in plain sight. They also think perhaps one of those connections was waiting for Adam, Bess, and Julian at the storage locker.

Heather asks Ambrose where he was the night before, he lies and says he needed to see the crime scene again and he stayed at the motel, but then his conversation with Vera makes Heather suspicious. He asks Vera if she slipped him something in the tea but she seems surprised and says he seemed fine when he drove away. Outside the courtroom, Heather confronts vera about Marin, she tells her she thinks she was Julian's mother, not Vera and Vera gets defensive, she says she doesn't even remember Marin and that Julian is hers.

Later, though, she calls Ambrose, she confesses Julian isn't biologically hers but she raised him, she says Marin just left a few years after she had him, but we see flashbacks of Marin willing to leave Mosswood if children weren't accepted so it seems odd she'd leave him behind willingly. Ten she asks Harry to testify on Julian's behalf and he agrees to get in her good graces, so she'll continue to open up to him, or so he says, but to Heather and Chief Lidell this means he's compromised and ask him to leave, and so does Jack Novack later. But, when Vera calls him saying Julian attacked one of the kids that were bullying him and he refuses to talk to anyone but Harry, he decides to go see him and probably stay, even though no one else wants him around, which is something I knew would happen at some point but I wonder how his role will change now.

In other flashbacks, we see a bit of the life at Mosswood back when The Beacon was the leader and I have to say sometimes Carrie Coon embodies these broken women she plays so wonderfully that I forget just how gorgeous she is, those flashbacks were a reminder of just how amazing she is at completely transforming herself in the smaller details. One of the scenes session where a guy reenacts his anger towards his wife on Vera and it's a very intense scene, I have to say to me something there seemed to hint at her being raped right there, I hope I'm mistaken though.

Later, Bess is doubting whether that should've happened but, no matter how shook Vera is, she says every experience is part of the work. We also see the nigh Marin came in a Vera is the one who welcomes her, the girl looked heartbroken, Vera takes her to the Beacon but she seems mistrustful as she listens outside the door. Later they're talking about Marin being late, and my thought is the father is someone that raped her, I'm leaning towards either The Beacon or Jack Novack.

We also see an experiment The Beacon wanted to try with what looks like a calf, to raise him, all of them, together, he says the more they love him the more he'll be able to embody all the people they have anger towards and they can use him to release that anger. After they eventually kill him The Beacon is convinced it worked and he wants to deepen their work, right after that, Vera tells him about Marin's baby and instead of sending her away to get an abortion he says they should keep him and raise him, all of them, together, and he uses the exact same phrasing he used with the calf which is creepy AF. Which begs the question: were they planning on sacrificing him? letting all their anger out on him? No wonder the kid's so screwed up.

"We'll raise him, all of us, together."

What did you think about this episode? Let me know in the comments.

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