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The Bold Type - The Domino Effect - Advance Preview: Emergency Meetings

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"We are a package deal."

Sutton is not used to partying this much and I’m getting worried about her liver. So is Oliver apparently, he wants to know Sutton is taking care of herself and it makes me love him even more, I’m so happy they’re building his character so well. Though he's oblivious when he tasks Sutton to style Richard's girlfriend. Brooke, on the other hand, might be super useful for networking but she’s not really friend material and refuses to let Sutton ventilate her problems which makes he rethink a thing or two.

"To my sexy single Sutton and a night of debauchery."

Kat is curious to know Adena’s former scene, something she never knew existed before. And she’s definitely a hit but she goes in without any consideration for what she's getting herself into and what trouble this might bring. Which brings her and Adena to uncharted territory. Kat also seems to be afraid to go to sleep after the last dream she had.

"Sex dreams come at night."

Jane's "Carry The Weight" article is nominated for a Mandy award and this seems to open up a lot of doors for her, including a follow-up piece on that article that might reopen some old wounds and raises an interesting issue about shame, fault, and blame, perhaps misguided but understandable. It’s nice to see them address the issue since it was never touched upon again after the finale it also gives her a chance to see Jacqueline again but her feelings are still kinda hurt.

"It’s okay not to be okay."

Jane and Ben are still going strong and they seem to be getting to the more day-to-day routine ground and I really like him, he also shows he's very respectful of the friendship between the three women and that makes me like him even more, even when there's an emergency meeting at 3 AM, he does get close to making a mistake but he catches on quickly.

"He’s good, good man."

"I kept my tongue very firmly inside my own mouth, thank you very much."

"Did you just quote Bring It On?"

Don't forget to tune in for The Bold Type on Freeform, this Tuesday at 8:00 – 9:01 p.m. EDT.

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