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The Bold Type - Betsy - Advance Preview: Atomic Bomb Brady

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"I love everything about my best friend, except her gun."

This week on The Bold Type, the episode tackles the hot issue of guns, and to be perfectly honest I think this is the first time they didn't sell me on it. Usually they manage to make me see both sides of an argument but here, even though they tried, it seemed a bit too rushed for such a complex subject matter. At one point they mention the issue of trust, but everyday someone surprises us, every day we hear about something happening no one would’ve even seen coming, so you might trust your friends with your feelings but you do not have to trust them with your life if you don’t want to. Of course I might be biased but where I live civilians generally have no guns, and guess what we don't have either, yes you guessed it, mass shootings, so I can't say I'm the most open person to understand Sutton's arguments to hold on to her gun. Speaking of which, the episode title "Betsy" is, of course, the name of Sutton's gun.

"Arya Stark named her sword."
"Arya Stark is a fictional character who lives in a fantasy world."

Now to for Kat and Adena many of you might imagine where the story is going and you would be right, maybe. I'm not saying there's nothing interesting here, but it seems they're going to have to tread lightly if they don't want a fandom outcry. Still, it's always fun to see Kat navigate different situations. But truly this episode was all about Sutton, though I'm torn because I feel they ruined what was becoming my favorite character just to have this particular discussion but it also gave us a chance to get to know her better, so I'm not exactly sure how to feel about it all. Also, Oliver was amazing once again and right now he's winning the boss of the week award for sure.

"I’m glad that you’re takig control, it’s the only way to live."

As for Jane, I have to say I'm happy about her return to Scarlet but a bit disappointed with her attitude towards it, I really hope the writers are setting this up to adress it later because she's being too insecure about it and Jacqueline is not helping either, again I hope this is intentional and will be solved soon. The truth is Jane has been selected for panels and is an award-winning journalist now, which doesn’t seem like a normal thing for Scarlet writers, so I think she should be more confident and appreciated.

"Welcome back."

Don't forget to tune in for The Bold Type on Freeform, this Tuesday at 8:00 – 9:01 p.m. EDT.

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