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You're The Worst - Dad-Not-Dad - Review: What If It's Us?

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"Go deal with your problems like normal people, split a Klonopin."


So it's brunch all around during this episode of You're the Worst and Gretchen starts with the idea that she and Jimmy should talk, but this is not the episode where we get any of the answers, the season finale is coming and it seems things will continue to be a mess until the very end, but the sad thing is, it doesn't look like Gretchen will be addressing any of her issues any time soon. Yes, she seems to be more aware of them now but it looks like we'll need a whole other season to go deeper into that. As for Jimmy, I can only hope the rejection in this episode leads him to realize he's not a great as he thinks he is.

"I am here to binge drink, read The Guardian on my phone and stumble home. I don't make friends."

It turns out, Katherine stayed over, of course, he swiftly kicks her out, but when she's about to leave, he gets dissed by Gretchen and decides to join Katherine in having brunch with her friends. He's not interested in socializing, but then he realizes Katherine's friends are actually quite interesting and decides to spend the day with them. The one that's not great is him, he embarrasses all of them a bunch of times and finally, she tells him to stay away. He clearly doesn't give damn about her, but he does feel rejected since he usually thinks he's God's gift to the world, he goes on about how his only friends are a crazy divorcée and a redheaded doctor who might be a "legal imbecile", but she says he's no better and leaves.

"You were our redheaded doctor!"

Lindsay and Becca are the only ones on the road to improvement right now and they're decided to get to the source of their dysfunction, and getting no help from their mother, who feels no blame about how much she neglected them they decide to hunt down the only acceptable "step-father" they had who also suddenly bailed on them without a word. Lou Diamon Philips plays a caricature of himself (Lynday, of course, calls him La Bamba dad) with a strange relationships with lemons and some weird Zen philosophy, he tells them he was heartbroken when their mother left him and she forbade him from ever contacting them again, but that he regretted listening to her, so they decide their mother is actually to blame for everything after all.

"Sorry, we have to go pour water on a witch."

But when they get to their mom's trailer it turns out Lou beat them to it and has been "reminiscing2 with their mother, Fay once again diverts all responsibility for her actions (does it ring any bells?) and leaves them with Lou to go film a scene. Lou offers the girls some final words of wisdom, he's kind but he tells them their mother is right, that they have to take responsibility for their own actions and instead of looking at the past they should be trying to figure out what to do next and fix things by breaking the cycle, Lindsay by helping other people (which she will probably completely misinterpret) and Becca by being a good mom, hopefully we'll see her address the issues she has with motherhood, though she seems far from it when she says her efforts wouldn't make much of a difference.

"It's too late, Vernon is her father. Talulah is headed straight for the pole."

Gretchen continues to dig herself into a hole by getting deeper into her relationship with Boone only to prove she can, when she and Boone get a visit from Neil, he locks her up because she's not supposed to be around Olivia unless Whitney approves of her, so she sets to impress Whitney that same afternoon which leads to brunch. Anne Dudek is a bit over the top but always enjoyable, the meeting starts off awkwardly but they end up having some fun and a lot to drink. So much so that Gretchen feels herself going into blackout mode and though she tries to resist it, it all goes black until she "wakes up" while fingering Whitney, she's terrified of herself but once again she commits to her madness by driving the point home and getting final approval on the way.


Edgar's arc continues to be the most boring one, he's on the road to bankruptcy thanks to Max and I can't wait for the new friend to be out of the picture. It seems almost none of our beloved characters are really headed the right way, except for maybe Lindsay (I'm not sure if I'm glad about or if I'm utterly terrified to realize hell has frozen over). I know processes are slow, but I'm seeing a pattern of delaying any single important development this season and I really hope that, at least by the end of the finale, we can see a path forward for all of them. I need Edgar to stand up to Jimmy, and maybe for once get his respect, I need Jimmy to get his head out of his own ass, and I need Gretchen to seek help and go back to therapy or even do something more drastic if necessary.

What about you?

I look forward to your comments.

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