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You're The Worst - Fog Of War, Bro - Review: I Don't Know What's Real

"You're the worst publicist I've ever met, and my dad is friends with Paul Manafort."

Fog of War, Bro

So, this episode goes full-on revenge-ghost horror-story and shows us just how much Jimmy/Gretchen lovers are going to suffer during this season. Gretchen continues to do her thing, hiding from the rest of the world, but this time at Jimmy's, while he worries about an interview with People Magazine. It turns out, the interview has to be at Jimmy's house, which could be a problem with Gretchen there. Candace (Merrin Dungey - Brooklyn 99, Big Little Lies, Conviction), Jimmy's publicist, asks him if he and Gretchen back together, he doesn't know but she tells him it could interfere with the marketing for the book since a single Britt might sell more.

Now, the moment Jimmy goes downstairs to beg Gretchen not to interfere with the interview, of course, she sees it as an opportunity and starts acting like a Japanese ghost, throwing sanity (amongst other things) out the window, out the window too goes Edgar, who terrified runs to Lindsay for help, she calls her friend to try to reason with her but ends up confused about everything.

Jimmy decides to take matters into his own hands and threatens to out Gretchen at her job, saying he'll text the boys telling them she's not in Europe, so they agree that neither of them will ruin the other one's career. But it turns out he's lost touch with technology and sends the text to Sam and Shitstain anyways, so they show up pissed, they tell her she's a horrible publicist, that it turns out Honey Nutz is 45 years old and they had to kick him out of the band (so this is how they get rid of him, lol), they tell her she wasn't there when they needed her and they ask for an explanation which makes Gretchen realize they don't know what happened with Jimmy, this of course softens them and they leave telling Jimmy he's a horrible person and hugging her, but now it's retaliation time.

Gretchen pulls the ultimate prank on Jimmy, she comes up well dressed and tells him she forgave him and that's why she came back, that she wanted him to suffer a little but that to her they were still engaged, she asks if she should move out and he says no. He asks his publicist to change the angle, from single to engaged, as someone who makes mistakes but still deserves to be loved, he gives such a moving speech to Candace and the interviewer (and us), that they agree to change the angle of the interview. And then Boone shows up, she kisses him in front of everyone and they go downstairs to have sex, leaving us all stunned.

In their own little world, Lindsay and Edgar make crazy plans to help Jimmy and Gretchen, parent-trap them if you will, and they make up a song to appeal to them and get them back together, they sing it to Jimmy, but he tells them to go downstairs to do so with Gretchen as well, and that's where they find her in bed with Boone and realize they're going to "have two Christmases".

This was hard to watch, it was nice to see Gretchen have the upper hand for once, and get some of the revenge she deserves, but Jimmy's speech was so sweet, and his naive face so heartbreaking when he thought they still had a chance. The good thing is, revenge or not, we now know, and Gretchen knows, that in spite of what he did, he wants things between them to work, which is something most of us thought might be the case but had no assurances (other than the fact that the show is about them), so it was a nice fact to keep in mind.

"Mushroom cloud, bitch!"

What do you think? I look forward to your comments.

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