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SEAL Team - Ghosts of Christmas Future - Review

This week we got to meet Clay’s often discussed father, played by one of my favorite actors, C. Thomas Howell, and one of Jason’s missions didn’t go smoothly at all.

Clay’s father, Ash Spenser, comes to town to do a reading of his book, which they managed not to title.

I paused to read the poster board up in the reading scene, and the poster seems to be his bio. The book cover is the same photo as on the poster board. That kind of a vanity cover seems to fit the character perfectly. It also gives us a hit about where Clay’s arrogance comes from.

When Stella and Ash were talking, Clay acted like a petulant little boy. I keep hoping they will find some way to make me like Clay (if I weren’t writing these reviews I would be fast forwarding through his scenes), but so far it’s not happening.

Although, those scenes were a nice counterpoint to Jason and the type of father he is. Jason attended a parent teacher conference about his and Alana’s son, Michael.

This scene was my favorite of the episode. The principal came across as a smart, diplomatic, and well-seasoned professional.

Unfortunately, the guidance counselor, who looked like he got his degree 5 mins. ago, never read the parental occupation fields of Michael’s record. He actually said to a professional soldier that fighting was never the right answer. LOL

So Jason and Alana have been together since she was 15. I do want to smack Jason upside the head. This is the second time that she’s told him what she needs from him if they’re going to get back together.

I get the feeling that this is something he can’t yet wrap his head around so he changes the subject. I do hope we’ll see some movement on his part there.

The mission was my favorite so far. The team is sent to grab a Serbian war criminal. Their initial surveillance is pulled, because a guy most of the team worked with years before spots Jason. He aborts the mission and everyone walks away.

Jason tries to ‘reason’ the guy into letting them do the job they’re there to do, but it’s a no-go. So, they pretend to leave the country.

The job goes fairly smoothly, but Kowal, who is actually good at his job, escapes with Baljic. This time Jason convinces Kowal to walk away.

I think this was my favorite mission, because this was the first time we’ve seen the mission go off the rails, so to speak. We got to watch them deal with the change in circumstance to ultimately succeed. I liked that dynamic.

We got our next clue from the phone. I am more interested in who this woman is than whether Clay makes Jason’s team.

There are still some things I’m hoping will improve as we move further into the season. I want to see more of Ray and Sonny’s personal lives.

I wouldn’t mind the longhaired guy getting a name. I can’t remember if we saw him in ep 2 but he was featured last week and again this week. Shouldn’t he get a name?

What did you guys think about this week’s episode?

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